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Just a little snapshot this week of the past few days which has been more beautiful early sunsets, LOVING being The Butler more than ever and party planning for a little lady’s birthday.

What is your intent today?  Same old same old?  Can’t wait for the week to be over and ‘oh thank God it’s nearly Friday?’… Some days are like that sure… but the more we set our programming to ‘TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY’ or at least in favour of it being positive, I’m telling you, it becomes engrained in your cells and becomes you.

  • First and foremost, be thankful for what we have today, here, now
  • Stay strong
  • Give yourself away, your encouragement, smile, voice of support – uplift others
  • On the back of the above, make time for you, if not today, soon.
  • Have fun!  Don’t be so freakin’ serious, life can be shitty (Mama I did not swear), yes… but take every opportunity to lighten it up, you’ll feel better and others will too!
  • Value every precious moment… EVERY

That is all. X



From Fall in Yorkshire with Love

A few posts ago I promised some pictures of Yorkshire in the Fall… so these would be those!  All have been taken rather quickly on a phone, whilst out running my beloved hills as the weather has been so glorious.  The rich golden tones of ‘now’ are evident in the sunrise which also has felt much richer since the clocks went back.

It is a beautiful, beautiful part of the world and all the coaxing I need to get out for an hour… what do you think?


This burr was hanging in the sunlight suspended on a single thread of spiders web!

This burr was hanging in the sunlight suspended on a single thread of spiders web!

IMG_0098 IMG_0089 IMG_0107IMG_0099

Ilkley 1


Adore this house… its setting is just like something from a movie.

IMG_0106IMG_0094IMG_0097 IMG_0104 IMG_0101 IMG_0108

IMG_0105 IMG_0090 IMG_0111



Christmas with James… (Brindley not Bond!)

Last week James Brindley Harrogate opened their doors for a festive evening.  As it started at 5.30pm I thought this a perfect ‘grown-up’ event to take my little lady too.  ‘Twas dark outside and a winter wonderland inside with a band crooning away the night we had a really lovely evening!

James Brindley HarrogateJames Brindley Christmas WindowJames Brindley WonderlandJames Brindley: WishJames Brindley baublesJames Brindley FurnishingsJames Brindley SofaJames Brindley Lanterns

Knowing that Momma is always taking photo’s for the blog, Miss P asked if she could take a few… I love seeing what she captures!

We were then asked to be photographed for Yorkshire Life Magazine so here’s our best ‘we are pretending not to be aware of the cameraman’ pose!

Yorkshire Life's capture of us on the night James Brindley candles James Brindley Christmas archwayJames Brindley hedgehog James Brindley stairsJames Brindley: PeacockJames Brindley displayThis is one of my favourite images from the night… one little girl mesmerised by the band, unaware I’m taking the picture of her.

Watching the bandJames Brindley window


If you are looking for some fabulous Christmas inspiration, Brindleys is definitely on my recommended list.  Although we do not need ANY more decorations come Christmas, we come away with some gorgeous copper baubles and vase that will be out in the home all year round!

You can visit James Brindleys website here.


Hello Harlow Carr

Hello it’s been another glorious week and yes we have a NEW NAME – what do you think?  Underneath I’m still all about ‘OUR STYLE of LOVE’ and it’s been a wonderful part of my journey but felt LIFESTYLE | YORKSHIRE was more the direction of the future and the name is a little more ‘does what it says on the tin’.


Throughout Summer, I was aware of so many people visiting RHS Harlow Carr… even my daughter went twice and without me!  I was told it was awash with Summer flowers and would be an amazing place to go take photos let alone be such an enjoyment.  Still I just never got there; summer passed…

One day last week, quite unexpectedly, having gone to meet my sister for another purpose, she said “do you fancy Harlow Carr?” and so with my two nephews in tow, we went on one of those gorgeously sunlit Autumn days that are so rare in their absolute perfection…. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Harlow Carr 1 Harlow Carr 3 Harlow Carr 4 Harlow Carr 5 Harlow Carr 6 Harlow Carr 7IMG_1082 Harlow Carr 8

IMG_1103 IMG_1106 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1097IMG_1087

Once the gardens had been explored, it was time to refuel at Bettys (how delighted was I they had a Bettys!) followed by a browse round the very well stocked and surprisingly large book and gift shop.  This is the kind of place to take your time, to wander… to take in your surroundings.



Harlow Carr is a must-see if you are ever in the Harrogate vicinity.  There is an entrance fee but if you can hook up with someone who has an RHS annual pass that’s the way to go!  I look forward to returning in the Summer at the latest as I can imagine it will also be magical covered in frost and snow!  You can visit their website here.


Autumn Days with Zara

It wasn’t intended to have three style-related posts in succession however, the beauty of having a lifestyle blog is that it allows the freedom to go with the flow so that’s what we’re doing!

The colder weather has made me crave the warmth of knit wear.  Whilst browsing Zara online at the weekend I saw a LOT I liked so thought I’d share a few pieces (although I literally could have ‘liked’ most of the site)!  Zara is one of my favourite brands because so much of what they produce I want to wear… it’s that simple.   Let’s get to it:

Coat with Funnel Collar 3

Soft and cosy Blush Coat

Multi Jaquard Scarf

Multi Jaquard Scarf – warm, colourful and very Tibetan

Doesn't the yellow fur clutch make this look fantastic?!

Yellow fur clutch totally makes this look!

Argyll Poncho

Strong geometrics make this a powerful poncho

Leather effect skirt and jacket

Simply LOVE this look! Perfect for a relaxed ‘out to dinner’…

Do love a spot of yellow, this would brighten the dullest of winter days.

Do love a spot of yellow, this would brighten the dullest of winter days.

Vintage Ski Jacket

Sporty chalet chic!

Jeans and Jumper... cannot go wrong

Jeans and jumper… cannot go wrong

Printed Miniskirt

Printed miniskirt and a classic polo neck

Can’t wait for my Zara delivery – would love to know what you think of these, leave your comments below ⇓.




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