Autumn Days with Zara

It wasn’t intended to have three style-related posts in succession however, the beauty of having a lifestyle blog is that it allows the freedom to go with the flow so that’s what we’re doing!

The colder weather has made me crave the warmth of knit wear.  Whilst browsing Zara online at the weekend I saw a LOT I liked so thought I’d share a few pieces (although I literally could have ‘liked’ most of the site)!  Zara is one of my favourite brands because so much of what they produce I want to wear… it’s that simple.   Let’s get to it:

Coat with Funnel Collar 3

Soft and cosy Blush Coat

Multi Jaquard Scarf

Multi Jaquard Scarf – warm, colourful and very Tibetan

Doesn't the yellow fur clutch make this look fantastic?!

Yellow fur clutch totally makes this look!

Argyll Poncho

Strong geometrics make this a powerful poncho

Leather effect skirt and jacket

Simply LOVE this look! Perfect for a relaxed ‘out to dinner’…

Do love a spot of yellow, this would brighten the dullest of winter days.

Do love a spot of yellow, this would brighten the dullest of winter days.

Vintage Ski Jacket

Sporty chalet chic!

Jeans and Jumper... cannot go wrong

Jeans and jumper… cannot go wrong

Printed Miniskirt

Printed miniskirt and a classic polo neck

Can’t wait for my Zara delivery – would love to know what you think of these, leave your comments below ⇓.






Oh the weather has SO changed has it not (and I’m sharing about cami’s?!)  Can’t wait to share some gorgeous pics of our countryside with you, meanwhile I’m indulging in a street style post with what I’ve been loving this past week or two.

1. Vest tops, kinda boring I always feel as they’re more of an undergarment most of the year (in the UK anyway) and they’re rarely the main attraction… sort of like socks…?  Anyway, I recently purchased these silk camisole and long vest tops (whilst out looking for warm jumpers!) and have just worn so much as they seem to go with everything, I think I’ve worn either colour every day for the past six weeks.  They hang beautifully and extend just below the waist a good length so as to give that effortless chic (well that’s what I’d like to think!).  Available from JIGSAW in many colours – well worth the money I say.

2.  Whilst ever I possess many pairs of earrings, I pretty much wear the same pair (or maybe two) all year.  As with most things, we have our fav’s right?  Well these just became my new favourites.   Just a bit different, quirky and quite ‘now’ so I’m to believe.   These were an Anthropologie purchase, if you don’t live near a store can browse online here.

3.  Confession, the only glasses I need to wear are sunnies.  But just saw these little beauties in Zara and decided they were quite fab!  Asking myself ‘but isn’t it daft wearing glasses when you don’t need to’ between the  display and the tip,l I concluded that it was no different to wearing a hat or ‘being welly vs heels’ lady and that some days I might just fancy being ‘Specsaver’ lady!  A bit of fun (and loved by my little lady too!) but can I encourage you on the back of it… if you like a thing and fancy doing or wearing it, just go for it and t’ hell with what you think others will think… ’tis the way to be! X



Hello readers – been too long!  I hope your week is off to a great start?!  Little Tuesday post for you… (I know, I don’t post Tuesdays!) following a spot o’ online browsing at the weekend where I became quite wowed with REISS.  Five pieces I instantly LOVED are:


Reiss collections are only getting better in my opinion, likely helped by a well-known royals’ penchant for their attire.  The coats and jackets this season… too many to I like to list here – just lurvely!  What do you think?

You can visit Reiss online here.





A Sunday well spent brings a week of content (apparently!). Our ‘well spent’s’ will all look different to one another’s and mine today, is working from home and studying… But I am content (in my ridiculous pink socks again!).  Content because it is peaceful here and one can only be too aware that so many lives in the world right now are blown apart by war and fighting, through no fault of their own… We have SO much to be thankful for.  What are you thankful for today?



Card writing

In just a few days time our family sees the arrival of a baby boy (not mine, hello!).  Writing a card about a person not yet in the world is a funny thing, because most other cards we write are to or about people we know… but not this time.  Pausing mid-flow I thought of the unconditional love the new baby will receive; cuddles, cards and gifts, yet at this moment it’s not here.  Everybody’s having baby’s it seems and my sisters been pregnant since for ever but now it’s almost here… And it’s quite fab… A new life… So very special.  Anybody else expecting?


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