This year I succumbed to the juicing ‘thing’.  Having seen countless pictures on Instagram of people’s jars of dark green sludge I wondered what the heck was the big deal… (I mean really)?!  But a few months ago after a little research into the health benefits of ingesting so much goodness into the body in such a pure form, decided to get myself a machine and give it  a whirl.

Juice in a jar

My health is something I’m committed to, it’s a deliberate choice and, certainly for the last ten years would say we eat well so I wasn’t expecting a radical change of any kind.  As with many health decisions, it’s probably more a case of all the illnesses and ailments we don’t get as it is seeing a drastic difference in any way,  (a post I wrote last year looks at this a little more called Wellbeing and the compound effect of Invisible Habits).  I found I enjoyed the taste and now juice every other day; visits to the doctor might be twice a year across the family; colds and coughs etc rare… so something must be working!

If you’ve considered juicing I’d recommend you go for it – there’s really nothing to lose and your bodies only going to be better for it.

Here’s one of my favourite recipes:

2 apples
2 carrots
2 sticks of celery
1 large uncooked beetroot
Large handful of kale
Generous slice of lemon
Even more generous amount of ginger
Then blend in:
Third of avocado
Powder from 1 capsule of friendly bacteria
2 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder
1 teaspoon of maca powder
1 teaspoon of spirulina powder
I learned about juicing benefits from Jason Vale here, bought this juicer at half price and get my powder supplements from Holland and Barrett.
All you juicers out there do let me know your favourite concoctions!
Juice in a jar 2

The Northern Lights

We nearly came home straight from school, we nearly didn’t take the drive and we nearly didn’t stay for supper.  Are you ever just so glad you do all the things you nearly didn’t?

Looking through the photos I’d taken once we returned from being out last night, I realised they were all about the beautiful lights we had been surrounded by.  Fading sunlight, strategic restaurant lighting and then the magical sparkle of many fairy lights in the shops.

It was only last week I said how the lights that come out for Christmas should be up all year round… this confirms it – lighting is EVERYTHING!  My camera (affectionately known as Cameron in the Beau household) comes with us most places and these were simply taken at the time and with no specific outcome in mind… perhaps it’s the best way?

IMG_1548 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1542 IMG_1540 IMG_1545IMG_1549IMG_1547Chandelier at LuciasIMG_1544 IMG_1546

This time of year is SO beautiful and I am of the firm belief we should have more lighting in our towns and streets if we can figure out a way not to drain the world of it’s fuel supplies – what do you think?


Why every woman should try RED at least once!

The Winter months generally mean less colour both indoors and out.  The bright hues of Summer look somewhat out-of-place and paler skin, like the fading colours of the landscape, needs perhaps a little more zjujh.

Enter RED… lipstick.

Runway Rouge by Arbonne

Red?  Who me?  Nope, I don’t do red… I don’t even do lipstick!

Ok, before I lose you…

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine…

Marianne Williamson

Yes, it’s a bold colour to wear but red can be just THE thing on a dull dreary day that means you walk a little taller and as you know, when we shine… others see our light, benefit, greater good etc etc!

So now we’re all on board, about three years ago I bought my first winter red lippy after bravely consulting the Clinique counter, now it’s a no brainer and contrary to my initial misconceptions, it is quite easy to wear!  Here’s my favourite five at the moment:

My current Favourite Five Lipsticks

From left to right: Runway Rouge by Arbonne, Cranberry Cream by Clinique, Clinique High Impact Lip Colour, French Flirt by Lily Lolo, No 1 by Kate for Rimmel.

Making RED work.

Red lips look better against white teeth which you can do yourself for less than fifty pounds (I buy my whitening gel from here ).

Second, if your feel it’s too ‘shouty’ a la “look at me”, tone down the rest of you. We naturally wear lots of black, grey, navy, purple, i.e. dark colours in winter so keep what you’re wearing down to one or two shades.  This means the lips won’t be in competition with any other colours you have going on and will balance out the look beautifully!

Finally, wearing red lips is great because the eyes just need to be a flash of mascara and we’re good to go.  Who doesn’t need quick-and-easy on a morning?!

No 1 by Kate Moss for Rimmel

Reds are hard to reproduce accurately on screen but here they are swatched.

Lipstick Colour Swatches

From left to right: Runway Rouge by Arbonne, Cranberry Cream by Clinique, Clinique High Impact Lip Colour, French Flirt by Lily Lolo, No 1 by Kate for Rimmel.

I absolutely love first on the left because it’s playfully crazy and on a bad weather day it brightens any outfit.  The most easily wearable colour is the 4th one (French Flirt by Lily Lolo, this is a great natural-looking shade and I can just bob on without having to be too careful.

Rimmel No 1 by Kate Moss (far right) is the most recent colour which I sought out after seeing it on an Instagram post by Katie Portman.  Not owning any Rimmel make up and not sure what it would be like because it was so darned cheap I thought I’d give it whirl – LOVE it!  Smells like cherries and the colour really is fantastic.  Definitely my fav at the moment – thanks Katie!

The two Clinique shades are timelessly classic and look great with black.

Finally, unless you’re going to a posh evening dinner red nails can be a bit matchy-matchy, but very dark colours tend to tone in well with your clothes and not shout for competition with the lips.

Keep your nail colour a contrast to your lips, not a match.

Keep your nail colour a contrast to your lips, not a match.

Christmas is coming and there are lots of festive reds out so get to it, have fun and let me know how you get on! Runway Rouge 2



Processed with Moldiv

Just a little snapshot this week of the past few days which has been more beautiful early sunsets, LOVING being The Butler more than ever and party planning for a little lady’s birthday.

What is your intent today?  Same old same old?  Can’t wait for the week to be over and ‘oh thank God it’s nearly Friday?’… Some days are like that sure… but the more we set our programming to ‘TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY’ or at least in favour of it being positive, I’m telling you, it becomes engrained in your cells and becomes you.

  • First and foremost, be thankful for what we have today, here, now
  • Stay strong
  • Give yourself away, your encouragement, smile, voice of support – uplift others
  • On the back of the above, make time for you, if not today, soon.
  • Have fun!  Don’t be so freakin’ serious, life can be shitty (Mama I did not swear), yes… but take every opportunity to lighten it up, you’ll feel better and others will too!
  • Value every precious moment… EVERY

That is all. X



From Fall in Yorkshire with Love

A few posts ago I promised some pictures of Yorkshire in the Fall… so these would be those!  All have been taken rather quickly on a phone, whilst out running my beloved hills as the weather has been so glorious.  The rich golden tones of ‘now’ are evident in the sunrise which also has felt much richer since the clocks went back.

It is a beautiful, beautiful part of the world and all the coaxing I need to get out for an hour… what do you think?


This burr was hanging in the sunlight suspended on a single thread of spiders web!

This burr was hanging in the sunlight suspended on a single thread of spiders web!

IMG_0098 IMG_0089 IMG_0107IMG_0099

Ilkley 1


Adore this house… its setting is just like something from a movie.

IMG_0106IMG_0094IMG_0097 IMG_0104 IMG_0101 IMG_0108

IMG_0105 IMG_0090 IMG_0111



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