From time to time we are reminded to make the most of NOW, to enjoy every day, to ‘live in the moment’… sayings that have become so cliché they lose their emphasis.  We can give the notion an inner nod… but really… how do we do that?

This sunrise was a total NOW which I knew at the time but more so 20 minutes later.

It was 8.10am, we were getting ready for school; mostly dark, the curtains were closed bar one we never draw.  Glancing out the window I noticed it was getting light and the sky was pink.  I said to my daughter “‘hey red sky in the morning’ – come on let’s go see it”.  Though we don’t face east, we are able to climb up almost on to the roof so we left the house climbed up to see the image you see here. Unfiltered, un-retouched.

It was so stunning and a real WOW moment!  Running back inside to get my camera I then took a few pics, we went back inside to finish up and off to school… me fully expecting a glorious blue-sky day.  Twenty minutes later the skies were grey and there was no sun.

My point?  To anyone who hadn’t seen the sunrise, when asked about the weather that day they would’ve said “grey and miserable” – which it was.  To us, there was that incredible sunrise and all because of the decision to stop what we were doing and go see the day in.

Sunrises and sunsets are not uncommon, but the grey day that followed our AMAZING sunrise was in such stark contrast it made me think about what I’m writing now, about being fully present in the moment.

They say when you love life it loves you right back… I believe it does!


Fountains Abbey World Heritage Site

We have only ever visited Fountains Abbey in January.  That’s largely why it has not featured on the blog yet, because I’ve imagined how glorious it must be in Spring, Summer oh and Autumn.  It’s those photos I’d want to post!


That said our time there recently was, once again, beautiful and so…voila!  We arrived at 10am (in grey, overcast conditions ↓ ) so we absolutely beat all the crowds which is definitely recommended.

Fountains Abbey 1

Fountains Abbey 18Fountains Abbey 10 Fountains Abbey 15 Fountains Abbey 14Fountains Abbey 19Fountains Abbey 2

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal is a National Trust World Heritage Site with (naturally), an incredible history.  The ruins of the Cistercian Abbey, the Georgian Water Garden and Deer Park make this place spectacular and utter soul-food!

Fountains Abbey 9 Fountains Abbey 8Fountains Abbey 5Fountains Abbey 16Fountains Abbey 4 Fountains Abbey 12

There’s a lot of fun to be had ↑ whenever you go – we will definitely return in warmer months when the gardens are full of colour, but as (I hope) the pictures here show, its pretty darned beautiful all year round.  You can visit their website here for further info.

Walk on boy…

Fountains Abbey 17


Confidently Go

Time for a cuppa?

Today for many, is the day work will restart.  This week at some point, schools will go back and generally it’s ‘GAME OVER’ on the holiday season!  For some this is a relief (this used to be me), for others the pace of life afforded to holidays will be missed, either way there’s no avoiding it.

New Year is full of high-expectancy.

Got to make goals

got to plan

got to GO AT IT!

Got to come out guns blazing ready to take down and make captive the beast that is the AWESOME year of 2015!!

Knock yourself out whilst I quietly have another cuppa!  There’s a saying ‘create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from’.  Any who have achieved this will know it’s a good place to be in.  Last year I finished working part-time for others and was able to run The Butler full-time for myself, I love every second and still cannot believe the year turned out like it did.  Having thought much about the process I have come to the conclusion that striving will not get us any closer to our dreams.  Just begin with what you love, start putting it out there and it will come about.  It’s frustratingly simple.

So, I know it’s the start of the week and life busyness is calling (that’s why no one posts a blog on a Monday!) but pour yourself a drink, take five and quietly say to yourself – “I got this”!

Have a great week ~ Olivia. X



The ‘ideas for Christmas’ post, didn’t happen, nor did we I manage an ‘end of year’ post and now am left wondering where to begin whilst feeling a tad bad that something really ought to have been posted by now.  I LOVE this little blog yet sometimes find it hard to get to the point of writing (Instagram is just… an easier interface yes?!).

Enough procrastination, above all I wanted to thank you guys for your likes, comments and support in 2014 – the phrase ‘just start somewhere’ comes to mind, so here is me doing that.



As I posted to Instagram on the closing day of 2014, if there’s one thing I’d want to encourage,  it’s to rethink some of our mindsets.

Question the question, look at the way you do life and ask yourself ‘WHY’?  We are not all made to fit the same mould so be free to break yours and lose the desire to ‘fit in’.

Make some plans but allow for life to evolve too.  You do not have to kill yourself to achieve your dreams or for good things to come your way… some… things… just… happen!

  Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2015!



This year I succumbed to the juicing ‘thing’.  Having seen countless pictures on Instagram of people’s jars of dark green sludge I wondered what the heck was the big deal… (I mean really)?!  But a few months ago after a little research into the health benefits of ingesting so much goodness into the body in such a pure form, decided to get myself a machine and give it  a whirl.

Juice in a jar

My health is something I’m committed to, it’s a deliberate choice and, certainly for the last ten years would say we eat well so I wasn’t expecting a radical change of any kind.  As with many health decisions, it’s probably more a case of all the illnesses and ailments we don’t get as it is seeing a drastic difference in any way,  (a post I wrote last year looks at this a little more called Wellbeing and the compound effect of Invisible Habits).  I found I enjoyed the taste and now juice every other day; visits to the doctor might be twice a year across the family; colds and coughs etc rare… so something must be working!

If you’ve considered juicing I’d recommend you go for it – there’s really nothing to lose and your bodies only going to be better for it.

Here’s one of my favourite recipes:

2 apples
2 carrots
2 sticks of celery
1 large uncooked beetroot
Large handful of kale
Generous slice of lemon
Even more generous amount of ginger
Then blend in:
Third of avocado
Powder from 1 capsule of friendly bacteria
2 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder
1 teaspoon of maca powder
1 teaspoon of spirulina powder
I learned about juicing benefits from Jason Vale here, bought this juicer at half price and get my powder supplements from Holland and Barrett.
All you juicers out there do let me know your favourite concoctions!
Juice in a jar 2
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