13 Lifestyle Habits that could make your 2013

At the start of every New Year many resolutions are made but a few weeks into the year how well are you doing with yours?  These 13 were my one-a-day for the first 13 days of the New Year on @thebutleryorks, and I’m making a point of including them here because I believe that in order for us to live a extraordinary life we need to make daily choices in the right direction!


No.1  Quit the diet.  Just stop it now.  Small steps in the right direction daily will yield more consistent results than ‘starting over’ every Monday.  Throw away the yo-yo.

No.2  Get yourself a heart-rate monitor & start walking.  Changed the way I exercise forever.  I cannot stress enough how helpful these little gadgets are!  Simple to use and will pay for itself in the first month easy. 

No.3  Unsubscribe today from regular unwanted emails.  Save yourself needing to delete them every time they land.

No.4  Give yourself a break.  Don’t live on the edge of burn-out.  Leave room in your week for you!

No.5   Don’t get overwhelmed by your goals.  Break it up into manageable segments then stay consistent.

Make time for your personal growth.
Growing YOU is immense.
Grow YOU Grow ALL. FACT.
Had I ranked these pointers, this for me would be up there at the top.  Developing this discipline has changed my life forever

No.7  Grow your gratitude.  Thank someone daily.  Quick text or tweet…just send out your strength!

No.8  Don’t hustle for approval.  You are EVERY BIT ENOUGH.  When you’re secure in this your whole life benefits.

No.9  Identify your HAPPINESS TRIGGERS.  Feel a bit edgy, stressed or low?  Implement a happiness trigger.

One of my Happiness Triggers: walking on my beloved moors! This is Ilkley in the January 2013 snow

No.10  Get around greatness.  Eagles don’t soar with chickens.  Be mindful of the company you keep.

No.11  YOGA.  Can’t fit a class in? Buy DVD’s.  I’ve used Rodney Yee for years.  Get a few to suit the time you have/type of session you want.

No.12  Double…triple your efforts.  Know that if you want to achieve your goals you can’t do what you think is enough, that’s what everyone else is doing.  You need to do more than enough.

No.13  Start living the life you want now.  No one will grant or hand you it.  Give yourself permission.



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