We HEART Pinterest

We all relate & communicate to the world in different ways.

For the majority, our world is interpreted through what we read and hear.
Then there are ‘the creative types’;  the ones who are in touch with their inner-whatever-it-is.  Composers & artists speak ‘nothing’ yet communicate ‘everything’ because they’ve connected  to the world with their ‘Style of LOVE’ which they then express through music or art.  Yet there are no creative types.  Evolution of man shows we ALL have innate problem-solving DNA – it’s how we survive… so actually we are all born creative.
Into that thought, I want to drop Pinterest
I believe we ‘Pin’ from the HEART!
Our Style of LOVE began forming in me late 2012.  Whilst thinking about the above, I saw how vital Pinterest could be in conveying to the world what the ‘Our Style of LOVE’ concept is about.  I reconnected with Pinterest and began pinning with purpose!
My life-sized Pinterest wall

My life-sized Pinterest wall

In order to help get a feel for what I wanted the blog to look like, I began ripping out pages of magazines and sticking them on the wall…. ‘if I like it, it goes up!’  (the result is the picture included here).  It got me thinking about Pinterest and how I’m wired as individual.  I am hugely visual; the way things look and are presented matter to me.  I appreciate great packaging, a well-styled person or house; I love fabulous shops where considerable thought and design has gone in to how you feel when you are there, extraordinary hotels and restaurants, sensory experiences that entice… I love all that!

 At the other end of the spectrum is my love for the great outdoors.  I find incredible beauty in wildness, rugged landscapes and the unkept beauty of nature.  All of that is part of who I am because it’s what I love.  These things are then what I ‘Pin’.  They are a reflection.

Picture originally posted on tumblr.com

Breathtaking Beauty.  Picture courtesy of tumblr.com

Pinterest is Powerful
Pinning, I concluded, is done from the heart, the gut.  We see a picture and it’s an instant ‘like’, ‘repin’ or move on past it.  Words can do that, but we have to connect with what’s being said.  How we connect and relate will be dependent on where we’re at in our day/ life.  A picture doesn’t really demand that level of interaction in the first instance.  When we pin, we pin from a part of ourselves that’s immune from logical thought process.  It is therefore coming from a more innate part of us, from our core and that’s what Our Style of LOVE is about getting people connected to!
It’s about Connecting People with Passion!
What do you think?
Are you more thoughtful about your pinning?!

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