Shhh… I am Strength

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Have you ever watched somebody face something and thought to yourself “Wow, they’re strong!”?

Ever asked yourself why that might be?
What do they have you don’t?
We can’t control some of life’s complexities entering our worlds such as illness or bereavement that require us to be strong, yet how often do we choose to build our strength day-to-day?  Do we see it as a tool we can use in our everyday lives or do we just use it as a coping mechanism through a rough time?  When we live from a place of strength, everything benefits. We are happier, have energy and our relationships and work-life are all improved as a result of that inner confidence.
When we actively choose a stronger mindset we are developing the skill of strength.  It’s not a secret it’s a daily discipline.
Gentle Giant
Strength has the notion of being loud, big and bold, but true inner strength is quiet, not ‘showy’.  It is  humble but extremely powerful.  It’s a complete trust in knowing who you are and what sustains you in life – whatever comes your way.  It’s a pre-determined inner state.  It’s a gentle giant.
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The thing with strength is we don’t know how strong we are until we’re tested.  We can choose to build our physical strength at the gym and see the result of muscle gained as we lift more and more weight.  Life is not like that.  We don’t test ourselves.  Life does the testing, and we just have to ‘roll with the punches’.  However, what we add to our ‘strength bank’ in times of peace, will be there for us in more difficult days.

We develop our strength by our mindset, our happiness and our self-development; what I refer to as ‘growing’

Get your STRENGTH on!
There is no magic ingredient; use life to strengthen you; it will teach us if only we’ll learn.  Here are a few  ideas to think about:
  • Personal growth is key to your personal strength.  What we choose to grow ourself with will be there for us when others cannot be.
  • Choose happiness.  Actively pursuing that which makes us happy will add to our strength!
  • Get as physically strong as you can. Both weights and Yoga build incredible physical core strength.  Strong body, strong mind.
  • Watch the company you keep.  Start to be aware of who you feel better around and who drains you.
  • Turn off the ‘soaps’ or unhappy TV!  Yes it does make a difference to how we feel.  Instead, use that TV time to read and grow!
On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being strong) how strong are you?
Why did you not pick a lower number?
Maybe you’re stronger than you think!


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