Why we need to learn more than our last lesson

When do you learn?

If you’re a student it’s probably daily!  But outside of that most of us take the exam, pass the test… down the line we may take another course to wise-up on some line of thinking or policy or other, but that aside… how deliberate are we about learning?  Personally I left education and didn’t want to pick up another book again… so I didn’t… for years.  I stopped learning.
We then default to life being our teacher and we tend to only learn when a ‘lesson’ comes along;  you know the sort – when something goes wrong and ‘now there’s a lesson to be learned’, then you move on and that’s only at best if we stop to ‘press pause’ and take the lessons from the moment.  Maybe we never even see the very vital life lesson staring us in the face because we’re just too occupied.
Here’s a thought; what if instead, we choose to learn in between our lessons, be people who have a mindset to learn daily … to go beyond that stage of only being as learned as our last lesson.
Imagine what kind of people we could become; we’d be fresh, innovative even, always evolving.  We would have an ever-increasing repertoire of knowledge, we’d be like a well-sourced library as opposed to one stocked with just a few books.


So why don’t we? 

Well to do this takes time.  As we’re all so pushed for that!  It means we have to do a very unusual thing for our human nature – we have to INVEST in OURSELVES.  We’re not especially good at doing that because other things and people are more important right?  We prioritise other things, yet all of these things are enhanced when we become better students of life, when we GROW!
When we enhance the pages of our life with colour richness, texture, tone, we encourage others to do the same!  It’s a fact, we become like the people we spend our time with.
So, I encourage you, read a book, listen to an audio, learn from people near and afar, from the arts, technology, subjects you’d never show an interest in, expand the library of your life!  What we learn will be what we think about, what we think about will shape us!

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