Three things our dreams need us to settle

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When we are self-aware, we know what we’re about and where we are headed, it becomes all the reason we need to be disciplined. A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog on consistency (read it here) and want to explore it further by looking at what we can do to help ourselves follow through on our strongest desires to make changes in our life, without giving in!

Why we give in.
It is far easier to be consistent doing things we love than things we don’t. When something is a habit we just do it, we could add it to our bio it’s that much a part of who we are. But when we are trying to ‘break in’ a new habit that is not yet embedded in our programming, it can come up against the barriers of:
~This feels a little self-indulgent
~Is this really that important given everything else in my life, and
~I’ll give it a miss ‘just this once’!

Ignore those thoughts! If you know this is ESSENTIAL to your future here’s what needs to be settled, ready?!

  • It is not indulgent. Sometimes we struggle to validate our choices to ourselves and, in turn, others, because it’s something we’re just doing for little ‘ole me. “It’s not work, I wouldn’t really call it productive, I am leaving my partner with the kids whilst I go off and do this… so I ought not to” …. Any of these sound familiar? Stop. You need to get past this. Your life needs a healthy you so don’t talk it down. I would also add;
if others are having a hard time accepting your commitment to your life choices then you are going to have to decide whats more important, your wellbeing or their approval.
  • Other things do not matter more. Life will usually shout louder than the habit that we’re trying to stick to. The job, the housework, the social event you said you’d go to. We tend to respond to that which is shouting the loudest in our lives… sometimes you’re just going to have to let the baby cry!
  • We do this 100%! Most of the things that are ‘good for us’ are generally not default modes in our lives. Exercising regularly, drinking enough water, eating right, sleeping enough, taking time out for ourselves are just a few examples of things that I imagine many of us have tried to make habitual at some point. Therefore, when we set out to develop a habit, until a thing becomes engrained in us its easier to stick to it 100% than even 80%. Relaxing our efforts ‘just this once,’ becomes twice/three times and all too easy we tell ourselves it’s okay to not do whatever it was we intended. Stay with it, until it becomes part of who you are, then you can afford to give it a miss now and then without it resulting in you not picking it up again.
Finally, and I will expand on this next week; don’t give in because you don’t see the results yet. If they appear to be invisible, that’s because they probably are… for now; they are just sleepers that will become apparent in time.

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