Wellbeing and the compound effect of Invisible Habits

Are you the kind of person who can keep giving yourself to something you can’t see the results of day-to-day?

No?  Then you’re in trouble because your wellbeing needs you to be.
Most of us want tangible results yet so often when it comes to our wellbeing we can’t see the results day-to-day; they only become visible weeks, months, years even, down the line.  In some cases, they may never be ‘seen,’ but what our habits prevent from happening to us may be the result of our efforts and we’ll never know what bug or illness we didn’t catch.
In life we rarely get to find out about what didn’t happen to us but if we can commit to looking after ourselves with a more holistic approach, the overall results will speak for themselves.
 Develop a marathon mindset
Our wellbeing is a hard thing to quantify.  How many of us can say we are 100% physically, emotionally, spiritually or even know what that should look like?  We give something a shot, then if we don’t feel it works, we give up on it.  How often do we stop short of where we should’ve carried on?  Walk up a steep hill for the first time in years and you’ll notice a gentle ache in following days, yet take a vitamin supplement and chances are your body will not let you know you took it.  When we don’t know how much good a thing is doing us it can be so much harder to see its validity and why we should continue in our efforts.
Invisible steps...? (original by johnrtitus.blogspot.com)

Invisible steps…?
(original by johnrtitus.blogspot.com)

So too with bad habits  –  one puff of a cigarette won’t kill you but daily smoking might.  Having a stressful day in your week is not going to harm you but weeks of stressful weeks is going to take its toll and with stress being on the increase you can bet it’s taking its toll in far more ways than you realise.

Finally, when we are depleted in energy, sleep, nutrition, the effect this takes on us is not to be underestimated.  Our bodies need looking after!  Take an ‘invisible’ step today towards wellbeing, then tomorrow another, and another…!


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