The Deep Fulfilment of ‘Just Because’

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Most of the activities in our everyday lives are fulfilling some kind of purpose.

Those activities usually fit into a schedule that is its own routine.  Things that don’t fulfil this schedule can be seen as a waste of time.  Our days are spent working towards a pre-determined outcome be it getting the job finished on schedule, the kids to school before the bell, or getting the paper submitted on time… we live on plan.
We then schedule in time with family and friends, nights out, a weekend away and vacation’s.  The purpose of these activities is enjoyment, they too are usually planned but when they arrive, how ‘present’ can we be?  How many people do you know go on vacation and can’t switch off; they literally can’t relax.  We have become so used to being ‘on’ that it takes us an age to let ourselves unwind.  Do we really enjoy these times or do we put even more pressure on ourselves to enjoy them in order to justify the expense?
What if we could find a way to do more things in life JUST BECAUSE?  Doing things that have no end game, no apparent gain… we do them just because we want to, because we enjoy them!
There is a great clip in the movie EAT PRAY LOVE, where Julia Roberts’ character is told that the Italians are brilliant at Dolce Far Niente; the sweetness of simply doing nothing, of enjoying life!  You can see that clip here:
I challenge you, take a walk not primarily for the exercise but just to get outdoors and enjoy!  Re-connect with a hobby or past time you love… because you love it!  Get used to letting yourself enjoy your life… it sounds simple but it can be surprisingly difficult when we live ‘hooked’ on routine.
When we can connect more with what we love, we are allowing a part of ourselves to truly LIVE and we find deep fulfilment!


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