5 things to do when you’re not sure what you want to do!

Picture 'liked' on Pinterest

Picture ‘liked’ on Pinterest

Upon leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do … who really does at 16?!

There were those who did know, but not me.  I thought there was one ‘thing’ I was meant to discover I was brilliant at and that would be what I spent my life doing.  By ‘thing’ I mean purpose; be it attached to a job or ‘life mission’, a kind of ‘fit’.

After college and University I was still no better off and by the age of twenty-three I found myself in a job where I worked eight years as a Personal Assistant.  It wasn’t until after a role change five years in, that I  realised I loved the personal element and the new role did not require it of me.  What I discovered there by accident I started to fashion on purpose and created The Butler.  I didn’t have it all figured out but I just started to be aware of the skills I enjoyed using.

Our skills are not a plan… they are ingredients!
This realisation was profound and one I wished I’d realised a lot sooner as it would have helped settle that unrest that lasted years, of not knowing what I was ‘meant’ to be doing.  My thinking has changed suffice to say, these days I believe that we are born with a set of skills and abilities and these can be grown and developed into a number of possible outcomes.  There is no right answer!
So, what can you do to help yourself?
  1. Start to write down you notice about yourself, what you enjoy doing, what you don’t, how you are and react in different situations.  What brings you alive, what turns you off, just be aware! (I wrote a post about this, you can read by clicking here)
  2. Be open to being influenced by people outside of your normal circles at work or home by reading widely.
  3. Connect with others on social media in areas that interest you.
  4. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know… Google it and learn, try it and see, you ‘ll be amazed at what you can teach yourself!
  5. Lastly, in all things enjoy the process!!  When we live believing that when we get to a point of ‘X’ then it will all be alright we don’t enjoy our here and now and honestly, life’s too short not to!

It would be great to hear from you… anybody else struggle with this in their life?


2 Comments on “5 things to do when you’re not sure what you want to do!

  1. Great post! Love how you take all the stress and over thinking out of it. Such a ‘have fun with it’ voice and style :). Love it!

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