This is the Vehicle of Your Life; Driver Required

Our Style of LOVE is about connecting people with passion (read more about that here), but what about the times we don’t know what our passions are…

then what are we supposed to do?? We are in the vehicle of our life and we don’t know where we’re going.
In these times, it can often be the case that we get behind others’ dreams, ideas and plans, we ride shot-gun or take the back seat. This can be a valuable part of our personal journey providing we don’t unknowingly hand over the steering wheel of our life to them for years without realising it!
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As well as our job/career choice, this can also be true of our health, finances, relationships, eating patterns. Unless we are deliberate about the different areas of our life and which direction we are headed in, we will live on autopilot; with what we’ve always done. This can be the result of how we were raised, so it is not necessarily an issue of laziness on our part but if we are not careful areas of our lives will just go under the radar because they are not so obvious as driving in the wrong direction.

We can avoid this deferred control of our lives by being self-aware and committing to growing ourselves alongside whatever we are doing for others. Staying in tune with what our truest inner self is saying to us, will mean we are open to recognising the slip-road or alternative direction we need be to be taking. When we know who we are at our core, even if we don’t know what we want, we can live content knowing that what we do decide to do will come from a certainty of our self-awareness. It’s a great way to live!


5 Comments on “This is the Vehicle of Your Life; Driver Required

  1. Awesome perspective. How can you be true to yourself if you don’t know who you are? Decide who you are and take action! love it. keep it up!

    • Thankyou John. Appreciate you taking the time to comment! I don’t want a one-directional blog where you post out and never invite feedback. Great to hear from you.

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