Creating an Endless Reflection ~ Inspiration from Gary Friedman

YES!  I LOVE IT!!  What makes you say those words?!  Well, as I have mentioned in at least one previous post (read here) I get terribly passionate about great products, great brands and what is more, the people behind those!   I find the ease with which we can surf the net mind-blowing and right there in your living room are the likes of Gary Friedman, Curator of Restoration Hardware.  Reading this article connected to something deep within.

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Let me backtrack… for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about – (forgive the cliché and generalistic broad-stroke) but think Apple of the Interior Design world!  The unique design, craftmanship and attention to detail is… I struggle to find the words.  They just get it right and ultimately you fall in love with them and want it all!  I don’t own one piece… not one.  Question: How then such a fan?

A Letter from Gary Friedman, Chairman Emeritus, Creator and Curator | Restoration Hardware.

Late one night last week, I stumbled across the above letter – it’s the kind of thing you might flick past in the RH source book to get to the good stuff i.e the incredibly photographed pieces of furniture!   But as I read I realised that THIS is why I love RH… because this ‘HEART’ is in every piece of furniture, it’s in the source books, the website, everything.  That  “Ahhhh” (I exclaim with a ‘died and gone to heaven’ expression)… is something inside me that connects with the expression of their ‘StyleofLOVE’ at RH.

I hope you take the time to read… it is gold.  I am reasonably well-read and not unused to reading inspiring pieces but this …. well it’s what this blog and my heart for OurStyleofLOVE is all about… Enjoy!  Olivia. X


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