Using our LIKE’s to find our LOVE’s

Have you thought about how many times a day we are given the chance to ‘like’ something.  From under-the-radar ‘likes’ such as morning coffee or what we’d like to do today, we now have almost every form of social media asking us to ‘like’.  Do we ‘like’ the picture, the post, the thought… like, like, LIKE?

Question: why has no one given us the option to LOVE?!  Sure, not everything is as black and white as love or not, but wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘LOVE‘ option?!

The more ‘likes’ a thing has, the more kudos it has… right? Likes have influence, status; likes are the new black!  Now, I’m all for liking except the liker rarely says what particular element they liked just that they very generally LIKE’d it…. Similar to the word ‘nice’ don’t you think?

I began to get a bit ‘anti-LIKE’ until I realised that I have in fact, discovered more and more about what I love through the process of LIKING.  What is more, social media has been brilliant in awakening this!  I wondered who else might have found this?

If our LOVES are the doors through which all the jewels of our future will come then we need to take the time to find those doors! No open door, no flow.
Don’t know what you LOVE? Start with what you LIKE.
  1. Become aware of what you are liking (on social media if you engage).  Once you look back you will start to see patterns and trends…. These are key to your preferences (visually, Pinterest is great for this – I wrote about it here)!
  2. If you really want to get to grips with the process, start your own mood board/cuttings wall, whatever takes your eye, cut it out, stick it up!
  3. Start to write down/journal things you notice about yourself.  Begin with two simple words, “I am” and go from there… ‘happiest when I am outdoors, a lover of amazing cars, most contented when alone, inspired by things that sparkle!’  It doesn’t matter what you write, just take the time to get it down on paper… You may be surprised what you begin to learn about yourself!


Our Style of LOVE is about discovering LOVES; the belief being that once we know what our LOVES are we can then use that knowledge to shape our lives on purpose and quit living by default.  Once we are aware of our LIKES we can then identify which are potential LOVES.  How?  We feel we’ve already bumped into it before… it doesn’t feel new to us but familiar.
Begin a process today, step outside your normal world if only to push the boundaries a little further.  Lastly, there’s something about seeing a thing and then seeing it everywhere (like with a new car; once you have model ‘X’ everyone seems to?!).  Once you realise you love something you will start to attract more of them same… it all starts with being aware (if you want to read more on awareness click here!
‘LOVE’ to hear your thoughts…  Thanks readers!  Olivia.



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