Blogging on the The Beach

It cannot boast white sands or an azure sea… (far from it) – but it’s the beach I have spent the most time on and recently family Beau  took a trip ‘home’ to the motherland… (Costa Del Filey) which is always special because it’s where I grew up!  Did any of you have childhood memories of Filey?  Well mine were made there so, less ‘holiday’ feel and more ‘just life’ but now when I return it’s ‘holiday’ for my daughter and I love to go running down by the ocean and across the sand.

Despite the raging wind and rain I decided to take my power walk down to the beach armed with my heart-rate monitor and trusty blackberry for picture opportunities.  I became aware of the stones I was striding over… they weren’t all boring usual stoney colour.  The more I looked, the more I saw (bit Winnie-the-Pooh that was) … so had to share with you; here it is, a blog about the beach!

Filey is rather a fab little place and if you’re going I’d highly recommend Katie Malones (home furnishings) on John Street.  We nearly always walk out with a bag in hand be it a throw, bedspread or gift of some sort (website doesn’t do it justice but you’ll just have to trust me and pop in).  For evening eats San Marco’s Italian; many a family celebration has been had there, great food and service (and usually some form of drink or other on the house… got to love local spirit!)


6 Comments on “Blogging on the The Beach

  1. Ah another great blog girl, keep them coming. Yes we do love our Katie Malone n San Marcos. Roll on Easter hey.

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