Trees for Teachers

Do you ever have a plan then along comes something else that just seems to fit better?  This post is one of those.  There was lined up all ready to publish… until I went for a run last night; the budding trees got the better of me.  Not quite full-bloom spring and definitely not winter either… it is… in-between.  How typical of life… life right now.

I don’t really like that.  I like to know my seasons, identify them then roll with them…

but sometimes it is what it is… it is in-between…waiting expectantly for what is next (but it’s waiting all the same)… what can trees teach us about transition?

HOW we wait is crucial.  Can we appreciate the in-between?  Well it is entirely possible.  As I ran I noticed how amazing all the buds on the trees were; all so individual and unique.  The pink sputnik one, I’ve never seen before in my life and nearly ran right past it.  The buds were their own beauty.  Once the budding phase (totally not horticultural speak I’m sure) gives way to leaves, all that fascinating design of the bud is gone forever.

The leaves and the buds look nothing like each other.  How often in life do we get incredibly unsettled, (ok, do we freak-out) because we look at the buds and think ‘this is so not what those leaves should look like’.

After 45 minutes I switched off my heart-rate monitor and spent the rest of the time enjoying my surroundings and as a result, noticing more… ’nuff said.

Have a great week all – be back next week! X


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