Reflections in Harrogate


Seeing Double

Earlier this week I went to Harrogate, taking Cameran with me (my affectionately named LumixGF6), should I be inspired to snap as we wandered.
I was not.
Almost back at my car, ready to leave as I passed this window I was initially drawn to the very cute old-postcard style seaside bags! Standing there admiring the window I noticed the amazing reflection of the beautiful building of Prospect Crescent behind me.  Smiling I took the lens-cap off Cameran… sometimes, all we need is to get a different perspective.

Very British Stripes Cleethorpes The LK Bennett Window featuring King Street Seaside Wedges

 These amazing window displays were created by Jo at the Harrogate LK Bennet Store.  If you like and are in the vicinity – do pop in and tell her!


(click on any of the images below to go through to the LK BENNETT website)

Very British Stripes Cleethorpes Canvas Bag Seaside WedgesWhitley, Wedges and Flats


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