This past week saw us visit London.  There will be a full London post next week (as I got so many pictures!) but just home and still on half-term jollies it is a simple but oh so beautiful look at the incredible LIBERTY.


The LIBERTY of London WelcomeLIBERTY is a place I follow on social media and look at other people’s swoonings of its’ greatness but till this week, have never been or seen for myself.  Travelling with children meant there was little time for composing pictures so these really are very ‘point and shoot’ but none-the-less, the naturally beauty of the subject didn’t especially call for it!  On a future trip we shall travel with time to browse and enjoy the sights more; a whip round the ground floor was all we had grace for… but that was enough to leave us wanting more.

LIBERTY we love you.  You are quintessentially British, you are steeped in history, your Tudor building sitting effortlessly at the end of the crazy, wonderfully eclectic Carnaby was a comfort amidst the bustling city.  You are breathtaking.  You are quietly majestic.  You are quite marvellous!

Purple Hydrangea

The Liberty Facade

Yellow Blooms


Kingly Street Historic Clock

Pink Roses

White Hydrangea

Tudor Terrific!

Take your pick

Red Roses

Lily of The Valley


The Corner of Liberty


I’m sure you all know but LIBERTY of London can be found online here (click!).

Liberty fans I want to hear from you!  What must I go see next time?



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