The Silent Spring

Ribblehead Viaduct

We live in a countryside town called Ilkley.  Ilkley is very beautiful.  Right now, nature is going crazy with the arrival of spring and it is very colourful.

Spring is also taking place not too many miles away but this time the remote kind of countryside.  This spring landscape isn’t so obvious.  Apart from very small lambs and the trees becoming that fresh limey green again, there is little differentiating colour.

Spring here has a colour palette of a different kind.  It is browns, creams, greys and greens.  On a dull day like the one I took these pictures, you may even say it was drab.  Yet seen through different eyes it is very beautiful; it just as magical as the spring of brighter colours.  It is quiet, not ‘showy’, doesn’t demand attention and is extremely relaxing to be around, it is soul food.  For the duration of my time there, it was mine and I its.


Time for School!


I Love Stone Walls


Green Gate


National Trust, Lambing Time

You can't sit with us!

Sheep in the fog


4 Comments on “The Silent Spring

  1. Reading your sentiments, they would be mine too; the viaduct especially is just majestic, a continuing working triumph overcoming multiple odds. Almost gaunt, blunt, very Yorkshire. Wonderful collection. X

  2. Love your silent spring blog, the pics are fabulous n bring back many happy memories, especially when dad and I had the rare opportunity to walk over the viaduct when it was being repaired. It’s so great you see these things, as so many people go around with eyes to see, but they don’t see. You are blest to see and appreciate.

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    • Ah thankyou for your comments, it’s the first time I’ve seen it and unexpected so was quite a treat! X

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