The Magic of Chalk Paint™

Chalk Paint™ breaks the rules and as ever, we like a bit of that!

Chalk Paint™ is the brand name of the genius paint invention/discovery by a lady called Annie Sloan over 20 years ago.  Its’ initial appeal is… YOU JUST SLAP IT ON (ok well it was to me!).  Not quite ‘Annie language’ I’m sure but those were the word’s someone used with me and as a busy working Momma where time is a precious, it’s exactly the product you want.  It requires one, maybe 2 coats of chalk paint then a coat of wax and you’re done.  We’ve painted furniture, walls, woodwork – so pretty much anything you’d want to; oh and you can paint fabric too!

Blue Hues

Inspired by 18th and 20th century decor the palette provides so many possibilities.  It is non-toxic, has zero VOC’s and is odourless.  When you buy it you will be supporting local retailers because it’s not available from the big hardware stores; Annie likes to support small businesses which is another thing we love about it.  Ours is down the road in Harrogate – a delightful shop called Mister Toad.  As well as owning  this fabulous shop, Kathy and Chris are approved to run Annie Sloan Workshops which are near or at capacity every time (you can find out more about Mister Toad on their website here).    What is more, I have yet to walk out with ‘just paint’!  From a potted rosemary tree in a pail, to trays and jugs, it is stocked with ‘buy me’ goodies as you can see below.

Everything you would want to know about this paint including all the colours available etc can be found on the Annie Sloan website (here).   Have a look at that then find your local retailer or buy it online and you’re away to go!

Till next week I will leave you with a few of my up cycling moments and I want to hear about any of yours – feel free to post to my Facebook page here.



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