“Honey, this is what it is to age”


Meet Frances. Frances is 54 and like many of us, has hangups about exposing her body now the days are getting warmer. Her skin, though she has zero cellulite, is losing its’ elasticity and is slightly crepey (not creepy)! Frances is wearing my dress, a recent purchase I had sent her the link to a fortnight ago saying, ‘I think this would suit you’. The reply was along the lines of, ‘I think it’s too short’ and ‘lovely clothes but a bit young for me’ and so we left it.

Frances came to see me at the weekend and in an impromptu trying-on clothes session, I said “ooh here’s that dress I sent you the link to, try it on for me just to see”…

Well, here’s the result.

Is she not








It sparked a conversation between us. I too am aware of the effects of aging. Though a regular runner and yoga practitioner as I head upwards from 35 (and I definitely have cellulite)! My legs have reasonably prominent veins and so have felt self-conscious of them in the past… my skin is just generally looser…?! JOY!


Enter Anna Wintour… (no not literally!)  Now I didn’t know who she was till a month or two ago, so for those of you like me, she’s the Editor-in-Chief at American VOGUE, i.e, ‘she’s the style Queen!’ and has been so since 1988…where have I been?!

Recently at the Met Gala hosted by Anna, what stood out to me almost more than the amazing dresses that all the starlets wore was that Anna’s dress meant her arms were exposed.  Although thin and toned, they showed her naturally ageing skin. The ‘covering up of arms’ seems to be a real ‘thing’ for the older ladies I meet and interact with and whilst ever there are plenty of red-carpet disasters out there, here was a lady elegantly being herself.


Back to the conversation with Frances, as she looked in the mirror realising she looked ok I found myself saying;

“Mom, I think we owe it to our daughters to not hide our bodies but to say ‘hey this is what it is to age…this is how it is honey!'”.

She said she’d been feeling the same and that maybe this summer she feel ok about having her arms out.

Ladies, I’m not up for indecent exposure and yes, there are people who would be glad to have arms at all, but I am up for celebrating our naturally ageing selves… else we raise our children to believe that the airbrushed world is the real world and if you have flaws then cover them because it’s gross.


If this post does anything, I hope it encourages you to maybe re-think some self-imposed restrictions and to love yourself a little more. The more of us who dare to get over ourselves, to embrace and be thankful for what we do have the more power we give to others to be and do the same…What do you say?

P.s…. I wasn’t quite honest with you…. Frances isn’t 54…she’s 64 and she cliff-jumped 15 foot into icy water with me not too long ago… AMAZING!!  (She also gave her consent and approval for this post! Thanks Momma. X)

P.p.s  Dress is from hush! and Frances has since made purchases as have others in the family – go hush!



3 Comments on ““Honey, this is what it is to age”

  1. I can vouch for everything contained herein, being the guy who’s been married to this amazing woman for over 40 years. And I agree with the post aim; be content with you, who you are and how you age. Quit trying to be someone else for one very simple reason; everyone else is taken! You only have you so enjoy yourself to the max, cliff-jumping and all, or whatever works for you!

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