Fantastic Flats and Outstanding Orange

For a while I have wanted to blog more than once a week so today am making it happen… This is supposed to be short and sweet and the kinda post I can bob out there in 20 mins/half hour… here goes.

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week!

1.  TOD’S Gommino Driving Shoes.  I have been a fan of these… certainly the past 15 years.  Sheer luxury!  Saw these ballerina style yesterday and just for being so flipping wonderful had to feature.  Beautiful shoes, beautiful price tag!  (if tempted check them out here)


2. No not SJP – though I do think she’s amazing, Orange!  Now I had a mens orange shirt when I was 16 that I used to wear on nights out (that was SO bright and SO orange) that I think it scarred me for life!  However, have recently bought 2 orange pieces (dress by hush and a T-shirt Anthropologie) and some fab peachy orange nail varnish (BarryM Papaya) and am loving all three.  Orange is a great summer colour and there are so many shades – why not give it a whirl!


3.  Lastly the legendary Birken’s!  Whilstever I don’t own a pair, I have been buying recently for others and came across these which I think are instant summer!  Deckchair colour, ice-cream, beachy (though with the £145 price tag, I don’t think I’d be wearing them to the beach!).


So there we are, a girl can dream!  Would any of these make it into your wardrobe?  What’s been on your radar this week?  The sun is out today so get out if you can!  See you soon, Olivia. Xx




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