Too Busy to be Inspirational?

Inspired People

This quote is one I have recollection of seeing in the not too distant past (but couldn’t find it anywhere so had to make the above image!) and on an uninspired day last week, it landed again in my thoughts.  I was just flat-out not inspired… to do not much at all to be honest with you… didn’t feel ‘down’ just not very mojo-full.

That does not often happen for me so when it does I take notice, I become aware (wrote a post about that last year here).

It rained most of the week and maybe it was to do with the fact I couldn’t get out to run… but finally the sun broke through and I went for a late evening walk.  My surroundings seeped into my soul and I enjoyed them.  No, there was no ‘eureka’, no 100 megawatt download of energy… it was just a nice walk.

Waking the next day I was full of my usual energy and ideas a plenty…. The quote came back to me:


It wouldn’t leave me.  I began forming this post.


I wondered who else might feel this way, the argument and the reason sounding like…

—But I don’t want to be one of those ‘let’s inspire everybody’ world-changer people.  So long as I can make a great life for me and my family – ultimately a difference to those around me… then we’re good right?…  If I inspire people then great… but it’s hardly my responsibility…

How about living continually inspired so that you end up inspiring people without realising it or meaning to be deliberate about it…

…So it’s sort of an accident then?…go on…?

Recognise what inspires you and deliberately put yourself in its’ company and you will not be able to help but inspire others.

And?  Why would I? I don’t want anybody else depending on me!!

Well, when we are inspired we live happier.  We get creative, we dream, hell, we might even become spontaneous!  We bother to write the note, suggest the gathering, organise the trip… we live and do our jobs better.  Inspiration leads to creativity, play and enjoyment.

Imagine a newly-inspired business person, an inspired Mom, teenager, shop-owner,  employee, pensioner (yes why not!)…What might life become like when more people live inspired?  

So we all get the best out of each other and society at large improves? Nice ideal.

Perhaps, but entirely possible.


Here’s what inspired me last week.  Yes, just trees and grasses.  Green… a LOT of green and this risks being a highly boring post because… oops there’s more green…. but it worked and my week and that of those around me is better because of it.

So now we just need to work out…

What inspires you?


Care to share feedback?

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