21 Peony Salute

Last week these stunning peonies were given to me as a birthday gift (which I mentioned in Sunday’s post here).  Now I know this is total overkill for any none-flower lovers but as I was so awed with their beauty – I just had to share (and as it was my birthday maybe you’ll let me off this time?).  So, although there was no gun salute to mark the day I do have twenty-one images of the most stunning blooms!

You’ll see that as the flowers aged (down the bottom of the post),  they became the palest pink, then held no hint of blush at all just an opaquey ivory.  Just incredible!  Hope you enjoy – any fellow peony lovers out there?



2 Comments on “21 Peony Salute

  1. Wow Livs, I’ve just sat down for a rest, yes it’s a belta of a day here, but alas in doors working, and I stumbled upon your 21 Peony Salute which some how got past me. Flipping beautiful and captured so wonderfully in different lights. I think you will forever associate them with your special day. Don’t ever be afraid to follow your heart and keep blogging whatever does it for you, because someone somewhere will be inspired and blest. Sent from my iPad


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