Summer Colour!

Well, the weather hasn’t been so very tropical of recent days but that’s not stopped us enjoying the even slightly warmer days!  There’s just so much colour around and am loving more and more of it in my world, especially this little lot…⇓


Ooh get you!


1.  First up are some new floral trousers I picked up this week from ATTIC – the boutique I mentioned in my post on Thursday (coincidence! but see it here).  At just £35 they were such a good buy and officially happy trousers! Muted neon stripes down the sides, they were an instant ‘must have’, wore them last night to dinner and felt a million bucks.  If you’ve not checked out ATTIC yet – do!

Strawberries and Cream!

2.  Yes, it’s Strawberries and Cream!  This beauty was made by my father.  Mid sixties he’s decided that after years of decorating people’s houses he’d try his hand at cooking!  I tell you, he’s a whizz in the kitchen, phased by nothing, and when he asked did we fancy dessert…. well who can say “no” to a victoria biscuit that looks this good!  Wimbledon’s here so if you need an excuse you got it!

 Dayglo Butt!

3.  Lastly, more colour was injected into our home this week as I decided it was high time the Louis Ghost Chair had some cushioning with this seat pad.  A steal from TKMaxx at £9.99, yes it is flippin’ bright but amongst our greys/white’s colouring at home it just goes fab!  TK Home is a great place to pick up unique little pieces and worth a visit even if it’s just online; check them out here.

That’s it for this week, have any of you been experimenting with colour a bit more?  Be bold, I dare you… and have a great week!




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