Your Home: How Attracted are You?

Last weekend after a rather busy one (the Tour De France came to town!) I crashed on the sofa with my daughter which inspired this post on Instagram:
HOME with P.

At the end of the day, #HOME is a place you achieve from within first… Hence ‘where the heart is’! It’s being able to put your feet up, to rest completely with those you love. And when the crowds dispersed, that’s exactly what we did. What a weekend! #TDF #tourdefrance #tourdeyorkshire #lifestyle #blogger from the heart of #Yorkshire, our home.

It got me thinking… although a sense of HOME does begin inside, it really can make the difference to our general wellbeing if we are deliberate about our environment and take the time to make it delightful to the senses.
How many of you spend a reasonable amount of your time at home?  Does it inspire you, relax you?  Is it a place you enjoy spending time…. Or is it purely the place you crash at the end of the day that you never really give much thought to?
I LOVE my home. It is not my dream home, nor all I would choose were I given a blank piece of paper (and cheque to go with), but it is our space and I LOVE spending time here.  Apart from being a great space, it’s the collected details that make me smile so I thought I’d share with you today, to maybe inspire you to start collecting your enjoyables if you simply don’t know where to start.
There is no right or wrong – it’s YOUR home!  Furnish it how you like.  Don’t wait for the ‘Pinterest picture’ to be perfect if you have one.  Just begin with what YOU love and make that space of yours YOURS!
Perfume Bottles: Couldn't throw these empties! Gifted Silver Wing Palte Collection of Special CardsPeony Pleasure Happy NotesCrown Pair of WingsCandelabraTrue Grace CandleFlowers in a Jam Jar Bedside CollectionGisella Graham Sweetie Tree Grandmothers Tiny Swiss PlateAmpersandBrilliant!Anthropologie and MeStar Blankie and Rocking ChairSpecial to a girl I know.HOME Office Candle holders Fuchsias Newgate Timing

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