1 Pair of Shoes, 2 ways to Dress, 3 Sunsets

Hey peeps, it’s another Sunday and this one definitely getting off to a more relaxed start than last week!  Last Sunday was Day 2 of the Tour De France so we were up and out to get a road-side spot for the occasion.  How many of you saw it?  Do click (here) if you want to see how amazingly vibrant our town looked.  Ok, on with what we’ve been lovin’ this week…



1.  One Pair of Birkenstocks.  Now I didn’t do these when they were ‘in’ before because… well I have a thing about ‘in’ things… if they’re ‘in’ I don’t do them because every Tom, Dick and Jayne is; so we all look the same…?!  That said I did decide to break my own conviction, got some last month and have loved wearing because they are just so darned comfy and geeky and go with almost everything – do we need another reason?    Got mine from Amazon at just over £30 and would definitely recommend a pair for the summer months.

2.  Two ways to wear this stripy Maxi Dress!  My fav local clothing boutique (yes ATTIC) has been having a SALE so I got in touch to see if this dress was in the sale, (which it was) so I had to get.  Have wanted a maxi for a while so that then it’s warm (when… yes we do see the sun occasionally in Yorkshire!) and you want to have some skin out but not the legs – we can do the strapless thing.  It is uber comfy and can be worn as a full maxi – or the top rolled over itself to create a shorter dress (which is less requiring of stomach needing to be sucked in). It can also then be worn as a skirt which I’ve not done yet.  All that to say if you’re out and about and see this kind of style/multi ways to wear thing, it’s a very versatile piece.

The Facebook and Instagram post ⇓

Positively Nautical

3.  Lastly, Three AMAZING Sunsets!  The skies of recent have just blown me away and been so incredibly beautiful.  The darkest one, in fact all, have zero filters/primping, so what you see is what it was (except it was more beautiful).  Anyone following my posts for a while now will know how much I love my outdoors… utter soul food.  Some nights I’ve been working away at my desk then realised a sunset was happening so I jump up and into the window to try capture.  Such a sense of connectedness to the bigger picture and almost a spiritual grounding… (is it just me?).

Anyway, have a great week – school’s nearly out so we are happy to be in the last days here… what about you?




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