Last weekend it was the village Gala.  Having hosted the Tour De France the week prior, this was always going to be seen by just a few thousand visitors less.  I couldn’t stay long and might have liked to have spent time getting some cute pics but as seems to be the way, it was a few hurried shots which I shared on Facebook (you can see all of them here).


It is amusing just how old-fashioned these things seem… so quaint and typically villagey… and why?? Guess it comes down to community – to celebrating life in all its weird and wonderfulness… flowers in wellies, knobbly knees and all!

imageimageimageimageimageimage image imageimage

Walking home we passed these, so colourful and attracting all the bees!

image imageimage image

The next day going out for a long run, the countryside was so pretty.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the fields so green.  I passed by the Ilkley International Tennis Tournament, miniature orange trees and a cricket match.  Oh so very English!

By the River Sunlight through the trees ILTSC International Tennis Tournament Little visitorThe Old Bridge Orange! Wow Cricket?



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