The Camera or The Creativity: Which Came First?

It has occurred to me over recent months, as it may have you, that social media ok Instagram, has opened up a whole world of creativity to people who didn’t even know they wanted to take photos.  In none of my school years or further education did I know I wanted to take pictures of pretty things, and ultimately it be a way of making a living.

Whilst upside down the other night in downward dog (err Yoga?!) the two questions below came to me:
How am I creative?   If you want to get a little bit further behind this thinking you can watch a video that inspired the above (here) it’s by Sir Ken Robinson, great thinker and totally my take on things too.
In Harrogate last week with my cousin and our kids, I was aware that, on a regular (albeit lovely) day I was walking along taking photos of most things; the children, the flowers, the townhouses.  I have not always been this way inclined.
Lavender and BlackBeautiful DoorsTwisted Trees Hide and Seek
It wasn’t that I was trying to capture every moment to brag about on Instagram (hello!) nor that I was so busy trying to capture the ‘perfect shot’ that I couldn’t be in the moment, but to me it is enjoyable to walk along snapping away!
Town Houses in HarrogatePink and Black, stunning contrast Black DoorLavender and RailingsFine Door at 108Huge HydrangeasWhat a PorchWellington Street
The Royal Baths
This is a new thing.  Taking pictures of beautiful things followed by the process of creating a feed or stream with them… I LOVE it!  Confession: I’m a little picky and if, after posting, I check my feed and I don’t like how the latest pics sits with the others, it comes down!
The purchase of a new camera a few months ago (Panasonic Lumix GF6) and discovering Instagram have definitely been instrumental in the desire to create something beautiful.  Yet to think that ten years ago this was not available?  Amazing!  We have Apps and editing tools at our fingertips, once only afforded to ‘designers’, now we can all experiment.  This is not idling away the time, it is being CREATIVE.
Creativity is ideas, it is new territory and is definitely the discovery of OUR STYLE OF LOVE.  I’m discovering my STYLE OF LOVE all the time.  Maybe you’re more creative than you realise….?  Can I encourage you to see the time spent doing things you love not as wasted time, but as time exploring your creativity which is vital to your STYLE OF LOVE.  The world needs it!

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