One Battery Pack, Still Gorgeous and a lot of Kitsch


 Hey readers, scanners and browsers, hope you’ve all had a great week.  Bit of a mixed-bag week of things I’m loving but that’s life right – bit of this and a bit of that?!
1.  Anyone else a bit of a tech geek?  No?
Ok who is on the go all day and often runs out of phone charge…?
Hence this weeks first up is the Technet Power Bank.. sexy I know.
Great technology, to me is just that, great, amazing and sometimes darned beautiful (when it works)!  This piece of kit is pretty fab because it meant that last week when we were away we didn’t have the concern about a lack of plug sockets.  It will do eight full recharges of a phone from flat and does iPads too.  Invaluable if you need that kind of a thing, highly recommend.  Bought it on Amazon here.

2.  Second, Still Gorgeous.  We stumbled upon this shop in Harrogate about three weeks ago as we’d parked right outside and saw the pretty dresses hanging out the front.  Picking up about eight off the rail to try, we wandered inside to find it was a kids clothes exchange.
You can buy off the rail and walk out however, if you have old clothes you want them to sell on your behalf, they will do so and you get a percentage back.  We walked away with two big bags of the most amazing quality kids clothing, brands like Massimo Dutti, Benetton, Burberry, Noa Noa and Joules.  We visited again this week and picked up a few colder weather pieces (hello!) and all I can say is it’s well worth a visit.  I generally can’t be faffed with thrift buying/raking through racks to find a bargain… it is JUST NOT MY BAG… but this little place is easy enough to navigate and on the two days we’ve been in we’ve been very happy with our purchases.  They do have a Facebook page apparently … Will find link… Ok here it is (click) to which they post their latest pieces.

3.  Lastly, a little bit of quirky fun.  Headed to the till at Boots I saw a stand with these on display.  Lots of varying designs, I wondered what they were for £7.50 and soon realised – hair ties.  The selling point though, clearly, was that they are a little bit of arm candy too because… ‘who doesn’t have a bobble tied round their wrist at some point?’  Well if you’re one of those people,  these are a bit fab, they hold and don’t snag your hair and just look kinda fab!





2 Comments on “One Battery Pack, Still Gorgeous and a lot of Kitsch

    • Ah I did, that’s me wearing them down the bottom. Clearly your ahead of me on the kitcsch thing! Thanks for your connecting, have a great day. Olivia. X

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