Ankloots, Garance Doré and Luxedo (say again?!)

It’s New York Fashion Week so a Style Edit seemed mighty fitting (though I admit completely unplanned).  Despite the amazingly gorgeous UK weather this week,  personally, I ‘turned Autumnal’ about three weeks ago and am LOVING the onset of the new season.  The house had a revamp, the summer clothes were packed away and things went a shade or two darker.  Here’s what’s been on the radar:

1.   Ankle Boots = Ankloots.  Does a girl ever need to justify new shoes?  Slate grey, perfect-sized angular heel (not going to render wearer crippled after half an hour) these are the cutest fit – a must-have for skirts and jeans.  J’adore!  Purchased from favourite local boutique ATTIC (click here for more details).


2.  Garance Doré: self-named blog by French fashion illustrator /photographer.  I first came across this site a couple of months ago after a client recommended, instantly loved  it and wondered where I’d been all of its life!  Garance Doré evoked the ‘oh that’s the kind of blog I’d like to create’ in me, it is stylish, fun and naturally, the photography is just beautiful.  Recently featured on Fashionista they popped up in my timeline as having a newly revamped site so I’ve been inspired afresh, as you can be here!

3.  Finally Luxedo: nail colour by Essie.  Deepest purple black… a newy for me as I don’t normally go so dark but I love it and  don’t see this coming off anytime soon.

Purple Plaid



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