Oh the weather has SO changed has it not (and I’m sharing about cami’s?!)  Can’t wait to share some gorgeous pics of our countryside with you, meanwhile I’m indulging in a street style post with what I’ve been loving this past week or two.

1. Vest tops, kinda boring I always feel as they’re more of an undergarment most of the year (in the UK anyway) and they’re rarely the main attraction… sort of like socks…?  Anyway, I recently purchased these silk camisole and long vest tops (whilst out looking for warm jumpers!) and have just worn so much as they seem to go with everything, I think I’ve worn either colour every day for the past six weeks.  They hang beautifully and extend just below the waist a good length so as to give that effortless chic (well that’s what I’d like to think!).  Available from JIGSAW in many colours – well worth the money I say.

2.  Whilst ever I possess many pairs of earrings, I pretty much wear the same pair (or maybe two) all year.  As with most things, we have our fav’s right?  Well these just became my new favourites.   Just a bit different, quirky and quite ‘now’ so I’m to believe.   These were an Anthropologie purchase, if you don’t live near a store can browse online here.

3.  Confession, the only glasses I need to wear are sunnies.  But just saw these little beauties in Zara and decided they were quite fab!  Asking myself ‘but isn’t it daft wearing glasses when you don’t need to’ between the  display and the tip,l I concluded that it was no different to wearing a hat or ‘being welly vs heels’ lady and that some days I might just fancy being ‘Specsaver’ lady!  A bit of fun (and loved by my little lady too!) but can I encourage you on the back of it… if you like a thing and fancy doing or wearing it, just go for it and t’ hell with what you think others will think… ’tis the way to be! X




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