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Just a little snapshot this week of the past few days which has been more beautiful early sunsets, LOVING being The Butler more than ever and party planning for a little lady’s birthday.

What is your intent today?  Same old same old?  Can’t wait for the week to be over and ‘oh thank God it’s nearly Friday?’… Some days are like that sure, but the more we set our programming to ‘TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY’ or at least in favour of it being positive, it becomes engrained in our cells and becomes us.

  • First and foremost, be thankful for what we have today, here, now
  • Stay strong
  • Give yourself away, your encouragement, smile, voice of support – uplift others
  • On the back of the above, make time for you, if not today, soon.
  • Have fun!  Don’t be so serious, life can be shitty (Mama I did not swear), yes… but take every opportunity to lighten it up, you’ll feel better and others will too!
  • Value every precious moment… EVERY

That is all. X




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