Confidently Go

Time for a cuppa?

Today for many, is the day work will restart.  This week at some point, schools will go back and generally it’s ‘GAME OVER’ on the holiday season!  For some this is a relief (this used to be me), for others the pace of life afforded to holidays will be missed, either way there’s no avoiding it.

New Year is full of high-expectancy.

Got to make goals

got to plan

got to GO AT IT!

Got to come out guns blazing ready to take down and make captive the beast that is the AWESOME year of 2015!!

Knock yourself out whilst I quietly have another cuppa!  There’s a saying ‘create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from’.  Any who have achieved this will know it’s a good place to be in.  Last year I finished working part-time for others and was able to run The Butler full-time for myself, I love every second and still cannot believe the year turned out like it did.  Having thought much about the process I have come to the conclusion that striving will not get us any closer to our dreams.  Just begin with what you love, start putting it out there and it will come about.  It’s frustratingly simple.

So, I know it’s the start of the week and life busyness is calling (that’s why no one posts a blog on a Monday!) but pour yourself a drink, take five and quietly say to yourself – “I got this”!

Have a great week ~ Olivia. X



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