Fountains Abbey World Heritage Site

We have only ever visited Fountains Abbey in January.  That’s largely why it has not featured on the blog yet, because I’ve imagined how glorious it must be in Spring, Summer oh and Autumn.  It’s those photos I’d want to post!


That said our time there recently was, once again, beautiful and so…voila!  We arrived at 10am (in grey, overcast conditions ↓ ) so we absolutely beat all the crowds which is definitely recommended.

Fountains Abbey 1

Fountains Abbey 18Fountains Abbey 10 Fountains Abbey 15 Fountains Abbey 14Fountains Abbey 19Fountains Abbey 2

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal is a National Trust World Heritage Site with (naturally), an incredible history.  The ruins of the Cistercian Abbey, the Georgian Water Garden and Deer Park make this place spectacular and utter soul-food!

Fountains Abbey 9 Fountains Abbey 8Fountains Abbey 5Fountains Abbey 16Fountains Abbey 4 Fountains Abbey 12

There’s a lot of fun to be had ↑ whenever you go – we will definitely return in warmer months when the gardens are full of colour, but as (I hope) the pictures here show, its pretty darned beautiful all year round.  You can visit their website here for further info.

Walk on boy…

Fountains Abbey 17



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