From time to time we are reminded to make the most of NOW, to enjoy every day, to ‘live in the moment’… sayings that have become so cliché they lose their emphasis.  We can give the notion an inner nod… but really… how do we do that?

This sunrise was a total NOW which I knew at the time but more so 20 minutes later.

It was 8.10am, we were getting ready for school; mostly dark, the curtains were closed bar one we never draw.  Glancing out the window I noticed it was getting light and the sky was pink.  I said to my daughter “‘hey red sky in the morning’ – come on let’s go see it”.  Though we don’t face east, we are able to climb up almost on to the roof so we left the house climbed up to see the image you see here. Unfiltered, un-retouched.

It was so stunning and a real WOW moment!  Running back inside to get my camera I then took a few pics, we went back inside to finish up and off to school… me fully expecting a glorious blue-sky day.  Twenty minutes later the skies were grey and there was no sun.

My point?  To anyone who hadn’t seen the sunrise, when asked about the weather that day they would’ve said “grey and miserable” – which it was.  To us, there was that incredible sunrise and all because of the decision to stop what we were doing and go see the day in.

Sunrises and sunsets are not uncommon, but the grey day that followed our AMAZING sunrise was in such stark contrast it made me think about what I’m writing now, about being fully present in the moment.

They say when you love life it loves you right back… I believe it does!



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