Three things I thank 2014 for

This week will see January out, February in and the newness of the year is not so new any more.  How well did you do with those resolutions…?

Twelve months pass by quickly.  So much so, that the discoveries of 2014 mentioned below were not in my life a year ago.  Ever find a thing then wonder what you did without… read on!

Lumix GF6

Hard to make a camera look pretty but this filter from Pixelmator I’m a huge fan of about does the trick. (you may have seen it’s appearance on quite a few of my recent Instagram posts!)

1. First up is Cameron… my camera that has been used almost daily since being purchased.  This little baby I LOVE.  When changing the format of this blog to be more photos-based, I looked into other bloggers’ recommendations (this post helped) then read the reviews of what was out at the time and the purchase was made!  People have since asked me what camera I use and have gone on to buy, so it appears to tick the boxes for a few folk besides me.  You can read the reviews for yourself but it is an excellent camera, fits in my bag, is so easy to use and I can upload the images via wi-fi straight to my iPad or phone.  It is the bomb and I wouldn’t be without it!


2.  Second up – a hair product that is simply amazing and therefore deserving of a place here.  I began using BEACH Day mid-last year and have just replaced it after using every day.  It is the BEST product for giving your hair body and texture so that it doesn’t sit flat to your hair at the end of day one!  This, along with a bit of dry shampoo means I can go three to four days without washing  it which, as any Mom will appreciate, is a bonus!  This is on my shelf for as long as they keep making it!

Jo Malone

3.  Finally, perfume.  A necessity, a luxury?  I’ve always viewed it as a luxury and for the large part of my life haven’t really bothered with it apart from the odd one or two bottles gifted to me.  This is where it changes because this is a scent I’ve fallen in love with and now can’t resist spraying… not quite daily but not far off!  Have been a fan of Jo Malone for many years despite not owning one of her fragrances till this year when I collected two, the science of scent-layering fascinates me and so I was won over.  Little luxuries are a beautiful part of life, and this, for me was one of mine at the close of the year.  You can visit the Jo Malone site here.

So, these were just a few of my discoveries in 2014, you can read others mentioned in previous ‘Im Loving’ posts.  What makes your list?



6 Comments on “Three things I thank 2014 for

  1. Your pics are amazing, that’s for sure and my, didn’t you make the camera look pretty! Might have to try out that Beach Day, always looking for new fab hair products. x

    • Ah Xandi you’re on here too! Love your blog BTW, I’d go for that kind of a look if WordPress did one similar 🙌. Beach Day really is fab! Have a great evening. X

  2. I love your blog!! It was so so nice to meet you today 🙂 If I’m ever around the Ilkley area i’ll let you know!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Buying a proper camera in 2014 was the best thing I ever did! Lovely to meet you yesterday and we should catch up over cake next time I’m in Ilkley! Remie x

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