Malone & Make – Two Great Gifts

Two very lovely experiences happened recently that I wanted to share on the blog but just needed the right setting.  Realising that Mother’s Day here in the UK is round the corner I have the perfect excuse!

If you have a Momma to love on, here are two very beautiful ideas whether you want to Malone or make.


Twas only a few posts ago I divulged how Jo Malone London has become a love of mine in the last twelve months.  Those of you who also have a nose to the ground on all things ‘Jo’ will know they’ve just released a new collection, Rock The Ages.  Passing the store last week I just  had to go in to get the lowdown on the new collection.  The rest, as they say is history…

In fact History IS the inspiration for this collection, British History through the ages… I know I’m a sucker for clever marketing idea but I don’t care – this I just LOVE.

Rock The Ages Collection

The Jo Malone image of the collection showing the period dates.


Each of the fragrances is named after a period in British History from Tudor up to the present day, it really is quite genius.  Having sampled them all I would buy at least three so would say there’s definitely a fragrance for everyone.

I chose Tudor and it is just THE…MOST… AMAZING scent!

The lady serving informed me that the pomegranate noir is in the collection as Jo Malone already has another pomegranate perfume which is their best-selling fragrance.  This is therefore likely to be a sure-fire winner if you were buying for someone and were uncertain of which to choose.  The 2015 fragrance (furthest right) is apparently a great one to share with your man – it’s a very unisex scent so I’d definitely agree.

The ribbon has been themed to tie in with the collection - a sumptuous red velvet.

The ribbon has been themed to tie in with the collection – a sumptuous red velvet.

Tudor Rose and Amber 2

A gold seal is also added to the box to make it that little bit more special.

A gold seal is also added to the box to make it that little bit more special.

Tudor Rose and Amber 1Tudor Rose and Amber 3

Jo Malone, I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day because I’ll wager you’ll be making quite a few Mothers happy on the day!

Shop Jo Malone here.


If perfume is not quite right preferred and you have a penchant for expressing yourself from the kitchen, I give you Hannah’s Granola.

Hannah's Granola 4Hannah's Granola 1

The week before Valentines I walked into my sister’s house and was given this gorgeous little jar of tastiness.  It was so unexpected and sweet of her I thought there would be plenty of you who love making gifts like this – it tastes SO GOOD… I mean really good (and I don’t do carbs!).

Hannahs' Granola 2

Hannah tells me you put all the dry ingredients on a baking tray in the oven at 150ºC drizzle over some honey then check it every 3/4 minutes depending on how toasted you want it.  Eat with milk, use it to top your yoghurt with berries…Mother’s Day breakfast sorted!

Have a great week people and do let me know if you decide to try either!



2 Comments on “Malone & Make – Two Great Gifts

  1. Hi sweetie,
    Know where you’re coming from for the Jo Malone range. How DO you market a brand/product to ensure it keeps that edge in either a niche or mass market….and from your graphics, they’ve done an amazing job! It MAKES you at least stop and sample I woukd think; very astute! Han’s Brekkie Gift? Just as distinctive and very marketable too! X

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