International Women’s Day: A Call for Grace


After a busy morning during which I mused silently if or what to post on International Women’s Day I’ve decided on a favourite quote of mine. At the risk of it being a bit deep for a Sunday afternoon I’m gonna go for it!

This day is in celebration of economic, political and social achievements of women.  Celebrating women has got to mean celebrating ALL women.

That’s a big ask in a world where we are conditioned to compare, to constantly ask who wore it best, who got it right, who epically failed, who made THAT mistake…

So with one breath we say ‘big up’ for Feminism and in the next we say ‘oh my gosh she did/said/wore WHAT?!’…

We are rallied to stand together as women and to keep pressing for equality whilst being bombarded… Still, with unrealistic ideals of PERFECTIONISM that we go along with.

This has got to change for equality to increase. The change begins within US.

Firstly by allowing ourselves and then others, to live by a standard of GRACE, not perfection.

With Grace we hold one another up. We do not look for excuses to make small.

With Grace, mistakes are made without fear of ridicule.

Anothers’ success doesn’t mean our inadequacy.

Ladies, we are AMAZING, seriously!  Here’s to accepting ourselves and each other, as we are, leading to real change! What do you say?



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