How to: Make the simplest Easter Tree

Last year during the Easter break we got into painting polystyrene eggs here at Beau HQ.  Although I grew up doing craft – I never sought to be a make-it, bake-it mother myself yet the season found us painting eggs (read the ‘how-to’ post here).  Time in the school holidays this year meant it was only natural to do an Easter ‘something’ and so we share ‘le tree’.

Easter Tree 6Easter Tree 3

The pussy willow bought a month ago is still going strong so we decided to add to it.  With Christmas is long gone, it’s kinda nice to make the effort and bring some additional colour inside the home if spring isn’t quite in full bloom… which it’s so not at present!  The eggs from last year we poked a hole in the top, filled with superglue then stuck some ribbon into.

Easter Tree 1

The owls were Christmas decorations I still  hadn’t got round to putting away (though the rest of the decs are away I promise)….

Easter Tree 2

Except these copper baubles which I deemed fit for the year through…

Easter Tree 4

Easter Tree 5

..and that’s very simply it!  Hope you have a great Easter whatever you do, love those you’re with… chocolate aside it’s what Easter’s all about – LOVE.



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