The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Have you ever been in the presence of complete silence?

Not ‘quiet’.

But complete and absolute SILENCE.

It has its own sound and I’ve found it messes with you a bit.

Last week out walking with a friend, miles from anywhere, we became aware that our voices were the only sounds.  In that moment we stopped and listened…

There was no sound… at all.

No sound of wind

of birds

of distant planes

of animals

of vehicles

there was absolutely nothing to hear.

You know the silence that happens in a movie right before something big happens; when the audio is cut and an grossly dramatic scene unfolds?  It was akin to that.  SO bizarre!

It was SO strange and the harder we listened, the more we couldn’t hear anything (bit Winnie-the-Pooh that).

On returning home in the quiet of the evening, I realised that the sound of silence in the home isn’t the same.   It is contained within the ‘four walls’, hence it’s ‘quiet’ but not absolute silence.  The comparison made me realise how much noise we obliviously live with.

Faced with silence, there we were listening not for quiet amidst noise, but listening for sound amidst silence.

And the silence had its own voice.

It had our attention, our ears and our time without asking for it.



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