Yorkshire Summer… (don’t blink!)

Whilst many countries look forward to a definitive long and blissful Summer season, here in Yorkshire and indeed the UK at large, it’s a case of ‘wait and see’.

Yorkshire Summer 1

‘Heatwave’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘soaring temperatures’ are cruel terms used far too flippantly by the media at the mere whiff of a spell of warm weather.

Could this year possibly be the year??

From what my radar has picked up over the years, Southerners seem to get more warmer days than those of us ‘up-North’… and once again, only a few days off the longest day of the year…in Yorkshire, we’re still waiting…

Yorkshire Summer 8 Yorkshire Summer 3 Yorkshire Summer 5Yorkshire Summer 6 Yorkshire Summer 12Yorkshire Summer 11Yorkshire Summer 4

You won’t mind the wait if you don’t mind rapidly-changing skies and dramatic scenery.  These pictures (all taken in the last month) don’t do justice to how beautiful it is here, no matter what the day.

Yorkshire Summer 9Yorkshire Summer 14Yorkshire Summer 7

That said, once the sun does show and shoulders can enjoy that glorious heat, we absolutely  make the most of it.  Ice-creams on school – pick-up, meals al-fresco, work days re-scheduled and as much outdoor life experienced as possible.

Increasingly there are so many experiences and great days out to be had in Yorkshire, check out Welcome to Yorkshires site for what’s on.

We do get some cracking weather – it’s just a little… unpredictable so we’ve gotta go with the flow.  We can either lament the summer we don’t get or ‘balls out’ have a blast when it does show!

If that day is today, do whatever it is that is ‘SUMMER’ for you.

Don’t wait for day two… make the most of it TODAY!

The little lady and I one gloriously hot day last year

The little lady and I one gloriously hot day last year



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