June, I’ll see YOU next year!

Last week, as July entered with stealth, I made time to regroup.  June was tough.

Sometimes it’s not until you look back up the calendar that you realised how much has happened since the beginning of any given month and then the “woah what a month” dawns.  June was that for me.


June 26

Not a dweller of the negative’s in life, the photo’s on my Instagram feed tell a different story…

Being a birthday month we ate and drank out more than any other month… perhaps ever!  I shared so many memorable happy occasions with family and friends, I was truly blessed.
It was also THE most successful for my business The Butler… another score!
That said, it was one of the most challenging months I’ve had in my life – both mentally and emotionally.  Arghh, why is that the way sometimes?! There’s such a juxtapose of elements happening and all you can do is ride it out.  There is no ‘get-out-of-jail’ card, no ‘beam me up Scotty’… there’s just another day…
and another…
You do what you can to weather the storm.
June 21 June 23 June 22 June 17 June 16
This is NOT a poor-ole me post… but on reflection,  I suppose it’s a quiet appeal to those going through a tough time, to say that sometimes all we will have is an ‘I DID IT’… Sometimes we didn’t learn a lesson (there was no lesson to be learned), but we got through and whether we acknowledge it or not, we became STRONGER.
Month end I chose to be thankful, to reflect on the many beautiful moments I’ve shared some of here and to acknowledge again, that on our worst days, we have so much more than those hurting in this world…. we are BLESSED.
June 19

Post Notes:
This isn’t the kind of post I’d normally publish yet it was my June and therefore, in the heart of keeping it real, (though I wrote this a week ago and decided against posting), now press ‘publish’.
Am pleased to report July off to a cracking start, there’s much happening in Yorkshire over the summer and I’ve got some new places I want to share with you so will be back with some of those very soon!  OX.

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