Keelham Farm Shop ~ The Community Way.

Keelham Farm Shop 8

Last week we visited the newly opened Keelham Farm Shop on the outskirts of Skipton, Yorkshire.  It was a delight!  Post school, I took one tired little lady (not that keen on the idea of going) who, once inside the doors, quickly became an excitable little lady ‘thrilled’ at what she experienced.

Keelham Farm Shop 11Keelham Farm Shop 9Keelham Farm Shop 48 Keelham Farm Shop 18Keelham Farm Shop 13Keelham Farm Shop 24

Keelham Farm Shop 29 Keelham Farm Shop 26 Keelham Farm Shop 6 Keelham Farm Shop 7 Keelham Farm Shop 34 Keelham Farm Shop 17Keelham Farm Shop 25 Keelham Farm Shop 16

There is simply everything to go at; fresh produce, a bakery, deli counters with fresh meats, pies, curry’s, pulses and seeds, juice bar and a florist that makes up hand-tied bouquets.

Generational family photos on the walls of the original Keelham, (in Thornton, Bradford) are a lovely touch – this is their lifes work and creativity which has resulted in a unique shopping experience.

The novelty of picking out the fruit and veg (and sweets) we wanted (rather than picking up a sealed pack) and weighing them on non-digital scales prompted an unexpected response in my shopping buddy – it was a learning experience and she was fully immersed in it.

Keelham Farm Shop 39 Keelham Farm Shop 44Keelham Farm Shop 3 Keelham Farm Shop 49

Keelham Farm Shop 32 Keelham Farm Shop 42 Keelham Farm Shop 47Keelham Farm Shop 5

The cafe/restaurant was full but we secured a table and both enjoyed our food and drink.  There is a mezzanine level opening soon which will add even more seating with a great view over the shopping hall.

Keelham Farm Shop 28Keelham Farm Shop 36

Keelham Farm Shop 37Keelham Farm Shop 33

Keelham Farm Shop 46

Because we all appreciate nice toilets!

Keelham Farm Shop 45

This is not a place we would pass naturally very often, so will we go back?  Some changes to the menu… with less carb-heavy options on there would definitely tempt me back (as Miss P was very happy with the kids menu).  Outside of that, yes – this is a place we will take people to because of its creative simplicity and unique approach.

It’s the kind of place you may want to go on a family day when you want to go somewhere, but don’t want to do a shops/cinema/etc or it’s not nice enough for outdoors.  This place ticks a few boxes in one go and you could spend a couple of hours there if you wanted.

Finally, and I wasn’t fully aware of this till I got home and casually looked at my receipt from the shopping we’d bought…it’s very good value for money!

They have a great website, find out more at Keelham Farm Shop.

Keelham Farm Shop 41

Her face says it all… happy.



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