Camping: 3 Top Tips (and some beautiful pictures of The Lake District)

Camping… possibly a bit like Marmite?  You either love it or hate it?  We grew up camping every year, all six of us, so I think it’s just in my blood and is now something I’ve done with my little lady this past three years (guess what – she loves it too).

There are so many options now with pods and yurts and Lord knows whatever else they call outdoor living but whichever option you may be looking at here’s my quick recommendations for getting the best out of camping glamping!

The Lake District 13

1.  Check out your site.  We all want different things from our holidays so make sure your site has got what you want.  If it’s not too far to drive, visit the site before you book it… we’ve done that and it’s well worth it to check on facilities, signal connectivity (if you want it) and, to pick a pitch number if there’s one you prefer!  For me – an amazing view, places to explore on site and water for paddling/swimming/canoeing in are all met at the Low Wray, National Trust Campsite near Ambleside.

The Lake District 1 The Lake District 7Camping 25 The Lake District 3 The Lake District 9The Lake District 2The Lake District 14The Lake District 5

We’ve returned year after year because the views are A-MAZ-ING and when you book a ‘Lake Shore’ pitch, you are literally on the edge of the lake.

The Lake District 10 The Lake District 12 The Lake District 11

2.  You don’t always need all the gear.  If there’s only 3 or 4 of you going and for a short amount of time, you do not need all the gear.  We have two tents, one much larger than the other with full kitchen and cooker gear which we just don’t need when there’s two or three.

We like to eat out more on holiday so this ↓ single burner stove just takes a cheap small gas cylinder (available locally from Mountain Warehouse) or just about every camp shop in the Lake District and easily did morning coffee, quick-cook savoury rice and some steamed veggies (yes I did steamed broccoli one night).  The rest of the time a £2 disposable BBQ!  I LOVE those things – no washing up?  Yes please!  It is so easy and can hardly be called cooking.

The Lake District 18The Lake District 21

3.  Finally, make it home.  If you think you’ll camp for a few years it’s worth investing in some nice gear you’re going to enjoy getting out the box each time you go (bit like Christmas).  The Glam Camping Company have some great crockery we bought – I love getting out those wine glasses and tumblers!  We also take a full (epically huge) bag of cushions and blankets because I think it just makes it nicer!  Finally, bunting and fairy lights always create an instant little party.  Happy Camper!

The Lake District 25The Lake District 20Camping 26

The Lake District 16IMG_1946

None of these photo’s were taken with a blog post in mind, so, once again, are just a little bit candid but you get the idea!  Here’s to a GREAT Summer… any fellow campers and glampers give me a holler…

The Lake District 24





6 Comments on “Camping: 3 Top Tips (and some beautiful pictures of The Lake District)

  1. Looks wonderful! Also looks like you got the weather for it. How was the campsite crowd wise? I’ve always been super wary of staying on sites where there are just too many people?

    • Hiya, weather was a mix but always beautiful there! We went last week, ie before most schools had broken up and it was definitely quiet, showers always free etc. Has never been overcrowded though in my experience over the last three years.

  2. Read your latest as we’re waiting for you to join us in our tent. You’re right in all you write; it’s SUCH fun and sooo laid back. See you soon! X

  3. Might try here for our next trip, I like quiet camp sites and it looks beautiful by the lake

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