In a small town, new shops and restaurants attract a lot of notice – places on the main street, more so.  Filmore and Union was a name I was familiar with, a place I’d seen in Harrogate but never actually been to, when we heard it was opening in Ilkley, the town we live, we were excited try.   Wanting to know more about Filmore before we went, I googled them.

Filmore and Union 1

I loved the vibe on the website – great motivational quotes, details of socials, exercise classes; a holistic lifestyle brand right here in Yorkshire, hurrah!

I loved their story – people daring to give it a go and create something amazing!

I even loved reading about how they’d asked their supporters to crowd-fund and smashed the £500,000 target they were going for by almost double.


We rocked up on the cusp of breakfast/lunch and were greeted by the best waitress.  When I say that, I mean if you had a restaurant you’d want all your staff to be as welcoming and hospitable as she… not gushy but perfectly placed.   (I wish I’d asked her name so I could mention here!).

We sat out on the decking on the rustic tables and chairs.  There were blankets if you wanted them and a different potted herb at each table- I love touches like that!  Inside the decor only got better – this table ⇓ would have come home with me.  The cakes on the counter all looked AMAZING!

Filmore and Union 11Filmore and Union 9 Filmore and Union 6

Filmore and Union 7Filmore and Union 2

Our food arrived, smoked chicken salad for me and boiled egg with soldiers for Miss P.  Though my first thoughts were that my salad looked small for £11, we both enjoyed our food. The concoction of ingredients that created my salad was refreshingly different – there just wasn’t enough of it!

Filmore and Union 10 Filmore and Union 12

Having already encountered a couple of small issues, by the time we finished, we waited, and waited, but our dishes were not collected.  Noone had asked was our meal ok during eating and it was not so busy as to expect to have to wait.  It appeared there were adequate staff to customer ratio and though Miss P had ‘Wil’s famous brownie’ lined up for ‘afters’ and myself a coffee, we decided to ask for the bill.  Once the bill arrived, none came to collect my payment, and I noticed new people were arriving, getting menus themselves and sitting themselves down as opposed to the greeting we’d experienced.  The experience was all going wrong.

I hadn’t anticipated this… I wanted to report back to you guys that I loved it and you should all go if you get the chance…. but after my experience, what was I to say… should I even write a post because every other post on this blog is such a positive endorsement.

Our visit was a week after being open and it is absolutely my natural bent to be a ‘benefit-of-the-doubt’ person… but simple good customer service should absolutely be in place, more so during the opening weeks.

After posting a photo to the Lifestyle Yorkshire Facebook Page, a few comments came in from two camps, those who had experienced similar, and those who had not yet visited who positively said they hoped it was ‘teething problems’.

And so I leave it to you, I hope you visit and have a great experience, because our towns need great places to eat run by passionate people with a creative flair.  I wanted to love it – I really did.


You can visit Filmore and Union’s Website here




  1. For me, customer service is THE most important thing. So often recently we ve visited places that look absolutely fantastic, where thought has been put into the smallest of details but then customer service has been mediocre. A friend was laughing at me recently because I was gushing about how good shopping at Boundary Mills Outlet was. I was extolling their virtues because the customer service was excellent. They went out of their way to help without being in your face.
    And yes, £11 for the teeny weeny salad was a bit steep

    • Hey Zoe, thanks for connecting.. you’re exactly right and so many times we experience things that are mediocre but say nothing. It was interesting because we’d been to the dentist right before visiting Filmore and we both identified that the customer service we had by every single one of the staff we encountered at the dentist, was more consistent than that of the restaurant. Have a great day! x

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