Doing the ‘To-Do’; hitting it out-the-park for yourself.

As I said to a friend earlier this week, “To-Do lists never go away”!
As working Moms into the first week of school after 2 months break, we were looking at a project and the bottom-line was ‘it’s on the To-Do list’.

It got me to thinking, there is ALWAYS a ‘To-Do’ list.  Some things need doing yesterday, others are fairly important, and others ‘would-be-nice’s’.  But to a large extent, the list is always there, no matter how much of the ‘do’ ing we do!

Creativity in motion
Here’s the other thing about those lists: they always hold us back in some way.
As long as there is part of our past (being yesterday) calling on our time, we cannot give everything to  our future (starting with tomorrow) .
As Summer came to an end I was, honestly, a tad ‘quietly-sighful’ (my new word), that the season was coming to an end and back-to-school, ultimately meant darker nights, no more camping for the year, lazy mornings… (need I go on).
So, rather than wait for what was next (more sighfulness),  decided to launch an offence on September and declared the month would be called ‘sort-it-out-September’.
Odd jobs will be done, those things that are put off would be shelved no-longer and the month would be a home-run… It was either that or slip in to September with a bad-ass ‘Eeyore’ attitude…

‘SORT-it-OUT’ it was then, and here’s why it’s working:
  1. There’s a purpose.  We’re getting rid of what we no longer need (mainly de-cluttering and housey jobs) and committing to some disciplines where we want to see results (mainly diet and exercise).
  2. It’s only one month long, therefore this is not an endless season, unlike much of the rest of the year is when we are always saying ‘I’ll get to it’. Nope, September is the month we sort that sh..#* out!
  3. There’s a list! On the fridge (where else!) and we can see the goals we want to achieve, daily.
  4. It’s creating a momentum and clarity achieved by every√, little√, positive√, tick√ on the physical and mental ‘sheet’.
  5. The amazing thing is that already, in the first 10 days, three completely new opportunities have presented themselves.  Yes, this could be a complete coincidence… But I kinda lean towards the ‘clear out the old to make way for the new’ thinking… we’ll see!


There’s a way to go, we’re only a third in and one of the goals ‘do 2 weeks with no wine’… I have SO failed on (every…time), but the rest are being worked on daily… And progress is being made, hurrah!
Once a year I find it a good practice anyway… clears the decks for the end of the year!  Does anybody else do this?
P.s  As part of the ‘getting rid, rather than give away which we usually do, thought I’d try my hand at EBay, one item a day – It’s quite fun too!  EBay name OliviatheButler,  if you fancy a shop.

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