COVET…We’ll take it all

Covet, Ilkley, is one of those places you visit and then leave wishing you had a blank canvas of a home, in order to just start over and fill it with ev-er-y-thing!

Covet 2

Tucked away in a corner of the main car-park in Ilkley Town Centre, (at the back of Bettys!) it is a favourite lifestyle place of ours to visit for a few reasons.

Covet 3Covet 4Covet 6 Covet 7 Covet 12

COVET is hard to describe, it is very unique and almost undefinable.  It’s a place for people with eclectic style and that’s all part of Lorraine’s (owner) vision for the place, who has both amazing taste and clearly buys widely.

A rather a natty little shop that sells just about everything, it is a place you can pick up a great present, (for under a tenner), or an outlandishly huge feature mirror and spend a small fortune if you so choose.

From cutlery, crockery and glassware to bespoke rugs, bedding, chairs and lamps, you can buy things for the home; both useful and unusual.   And there’s storage solutions… lots of clever storage solutions.

Covet 22Covet 11 Covet 26 Covet 18Covet 8

Covet 20

Another reason we love COVET is because it also sells womens’ clothes, yet because you wouldn’t primarily think of it as a clothes shop, it has an under-the-radar feel about it…sort of like, ‘would you look at that, I just made a clothes purchase’… effortless!

What’s more, bespoke Fair Trade hand-made bags, jewellery, perfume, bath robes and scarves…

Covet 25Covet 5Covet 14 Covet 9Covet 24

Finally, COVET’S effortless, understated yet highly-tasteful appeal extends to the customer experience walking round the shop; you can browse without feeling pressured in a very tactile environment.

COVET is a place to pop-in when you have both something and nothing to buy and every town needs one of those!

Covet 23

Gorgeous cosy changing room!

You can visit COVET’s online shop here.



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