Tweed Shorts, bespoke jewellery & the nail colours I will be wearing all Winter.

The trees are on the turn here in Yorkshire, the summer clothes are firmly away and the word Autumn has already seen way too much usage.  As usual I’m loving a lot of things, but these recent purchases are particularly making me smile a la present.

I'm Loving

Tweed shorts 2

Tweed shorts 5

Tweed shorts 1Zara have hit it on the head with these.  The style is so versatile, they are a stretch, looser fit yet still have a degree of structure, visit Zara’s website here.

Tweed shorts 6

Avoid any ‘oh I’ve got my leg’s out’ concerns by opting for darker or coloured tights.

Chambers & Beau 22.  Second up is a personalised necklace (the tusk) purchased recently from Chambers and Beau.  They first popped up in my Facebook feed a while ago, then again in my Instagram.  When their new website was launched and they had 20% off – it would’ve been rude not to (again proving the power of social media!).  Chambers & Beau 1

I went  for the tusk on a silk cord with a star charm and had it personalised.  Ordering to delivery took just 4 days – impressive!  It is adjustable so I can create the perfect layering with my other necklaces  and have not taken it off.  Needless to say, I already have my eye on two more pieces.  The personalisation of their pieces and really reasonable price-point makes them perfect for present buying!

Chambers & Beau 3

Have a look at the Chambers and Beau website here.

Essie 1

3.  Finally, two of my most favourite nail colours I will be alternating between all winter long.  I believe they are THE perfect Autumn/Winter darker colours.

Both by Essie, the red is called ‘Bordeaux’ and the purple, ‘Carry On’.  Reds can sometimes look too ‘evening’ and purples (unless near-black), either too violet, blue or vampy, but both of these are just light enough to be able to be distinguished for their colours – I absolutely adore them.

Essie 2

That said, if you’re wanting a near black – another purple I recommended here last winter – is Luxedo.  Buy via Essie or on online with Boots then have them delivered to your local store.

Have a great week folks, hope to be bringing you something for the home next week… watch this space. OX





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    • Hey thank you, great to connect and have just seen your follow on Instagram, look forward to more of the gorgeous images you have on there,

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