In Favour of The Dress

The Dress.

I’m going to put myself on the line and say that the majority of us wouldn’t choose to wear a dress on a regular basis… not outside of the summer months anyway.  With all the many ‘hats’ we wear, trousers, jeans and all manner of leggings are THE ‘go-to’ items of both comfort and choice.  Agreed!

That said, now and then an occasion requires we shed our trusty trew’s… enter THE DRESS.

Over the past few months a few have made their way into my wardrobe, so, in a salute to ‘legless’ dressing, here are three styles and how you might be able to incorporate similar looks into your wardrobe.

DISCLAIMER: Photos were taken in the warmer Autumn weather; the moment it drops below 10°c, all bets are off.  Thickest jumpers, thermals and trousers win every time.

The Day Dress 5

The Transitional Dress.  Purchased at the end of Summer when I couldn’t stand the thought of abandoning my bright clothes for the ‘darks’ of Autumn/Winter – this green is a great colour more suited to Autumn and Spring months.

The Day Dress 6

You’ve possibly already got this dress in your wardrobe but will get more wear out of it if you can find a cosy wool cardigan (this one’s mohair) to go with it.  Both are still available here at ATTIC Womenswear.

The Day Dress 7

The Box Dress. Highly aweful name but highly kind in character.  Box dresses are so-called owing to their looser-fit which mean they are very easy to wear.  This silk number from All Saints has a sheer drop-hem in the back for added detail.  When you want to wear a dress but don’t want anything tight, this style is a relaxed winner yet still great for evening (more so in a silky fabric) when you add heels, jewellery… perhaps a fur stole and you’re away to go.

The Day Dress 1

Alternatively, grunge it up a bit with some rugged boots and leather jacket.

The Day Dress 4

Finally, this navy number makes the cut because it could easily be worn for a day meeting or evening party when worn with the right accessories.  This fitted style won’t be for everyone but this is the kind of old faithful you’d have in your wardrobe for years.  Autograph M&S are to thank for this, there’s slight ruching round the waist and being lined, it feels warm. Wear with a suit jacket for a meeting or heels, bold statement jewellery a great fur scarf for evening.

Et voila – let me know your thoughts.  Now then… it’s raining today…where’s my jeans?






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