Bespoke Party Tassel Garlands – (how to choose right!)

Having fancied the idea of a tassel garland for a good long while, a November birthday for Miss P was the perfect excuse to get one bought!   Deciding I would want to leave it up for Christmas, I wanted a garland that would go with our room colours and look great in the weeks beyond the party itself. So, as it’s party season, I thought I’d share


Googling ‘tassel garlands’ I found this ↑, it is exactly what I wanted… in fact I LOVED it (can’t even find it any more to give you the link)… but found out it was made in/ shipped from The States.  Shipping to the UK bumped up the cost so needed ‘plan b’.  Pom Pom studio will tailor-make your garland and the service was great but as creating a garland is not as simple as ordering a ready-made one, here’s what I recommend.


1. Order lots of samples!  I’d sent Pom Pom the photo of the garland I wanted and straight away found out they have metallic coloured tissue but they don’t look like the photo (actual metallic paper).  Also, I knew I wanted to have pom-poms so ordered a load of colour swatches to play around with getting the right combo… took a little bit of time.


2.  Play around with the order you’d like the colours in then let them know.  The online shop allows you to pick colours but doesn’t specify order of colours and this can make a difference – drop them an email to clarify (in the end I took out the mint green.)


The garland arrived well wrapped.  Hang it somewhere straight away to let any creases fall out.  At this point don’t freak out…


The garland I ordered was 12 foot.  They shelf I hung it along ↑, about 4 foot.  I honestly wondered what the heck… how was it going to spread out to  12 foot and not look too spaced out?!


You will see, once in situ, they look just fine (panic over, I did not just waste my money)


3.  Use blu-tac to get them to stay in place. You will not need it on all of them but depending on the amount of sag in your twine, they may want to slide down a bit.  A small dot of blu-tac will act as a stopper.


4.  Roughly space them to start, then go along with something… like the invitation packet and get them more even – it doesn’t need to be an exact science.


Party ready! IMG_2052

5.  Finally, if ordering pom poms to go with your garland, opt for colours that can be found in the tassel garland to start with, then see how they fit and order more if needed.  I went for the metallic gold, champagne and ivory to start, puffed them all out then ordered more and included a gorgeous contrasting red so it wasn’t ‘too much of the same’


And so from November to December… and possibly January, lets face it these won’t be coming down before New Years!




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