Christmas is…

Christmas is a funny time of year.  It is a magical time for sure, but it’s a bit of an oddball too.  I LOVE the romantic idealism that surrounds the season; the snow, the festive windows, the movies where everything is ‘just so’… (Actually I’m that person a lot of the time).
Yet reality is different.

Normal routines become halted; both refreshing and a little unnerving for those who like and take comfort in their daily rituals.  Rooms are filled with people who barely see each other all year which is received as either the most beautiful way to spend your days or a ‘when are we leaving?’.  Christmas throws up unusual circumstances and feelings and if the saying is that life is a constant bridging of our expectations with reality, then no time more so than at this.
The recent horrors that have occurred too frequently across the world in the past few months have left people broken, hurt, without hope and facing a year-end we can’t imagine.
It is in light of this that so much seems trivial to me this year… wish-lists, must-haves, ridiculous extravagances we subliminally accept as ‘normal’… it is truly so out of kilter…
So can we get down to basics?
A grateful heart
Can we simply be thankful for what we have and share that with others where we can?
This year I have been so darned THANKFUL for LIFE.
For family
for love,
for friendship,
for…honestly… the hot water that runs out of the shower on a morning,
for where we live in the beautiful countryside,
for health,
for wholeness,
for peace… above all, for peace…
It’s been said before but it’s worth saying again… On our worst day, I mean on our truly worst, grit-your-teeth-and-get-through-day, we have so much more than others ever will have…there’s always something to be thankful for.
So let’s start Christmas with that.  With thanks.
Life must and does go on; let us be mindful of those who are hurting and those have lost this year, those for whom Christmas will be a time to be endured.
Live from a place of being thankful, lay the best table you can, give away of your heart and gratitude will bestow love.
Have a Peaceful Christmas ~ OX

2 Comments on “Christmas is…

  1. What a brilliant post, I absolutely loved reading it and it made me feel quite emotional. There is so much we can take from this.
    Since the horrors that have taken place this year I have really truly learnt that the only things that really matter in life are the people in it. Things are nice but when it comes down to it, it is the people and the relationships and love that you have with them that are the important things.

    Have a lovely Christmas Olivia xxx

    • Completely Sarah! Thank you for reading and sharing. Am happy we met in 2015! Have a great Christmas and the best year next year XX

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